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Having the right amount of power is critical for completing treatment, which is why Thermal Flow Technologies supplies portable generators for bed bug equipment. There may be occasions where a structure’s power supply is inadequate to support the heaters and air movers required for a successful heat treatment. This is a common issue when using electric heat, as the amount of power needed to heat entire structures is significant.

Portable generators for our line of bed bug heaters are now available as an add-on, or packaged with our electric heaters and turnkey heat trailers.  Our portable generators are all duel-fuel for use with regular unleaded gasoline or propane, and are backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Each generator contains both 115 volt and 230 volt power circuits to supplement our heaters.

If powering our 115 volt electric heaters, some power distribution may be needed such as the GMS Power Distribution Box. The box can be plugged into the 230 volt power supply and converted to 115 volt to add more circuits to fully power the Single-Room Bed Bug Heater, the Eliminator Elite Bed Bug Heater, or the Elite 8 Bed Bug Heater. The 230 volt supply can also power one side of the Eliminator Elite 52k Bed Bug Heater.

The Single Room Bed Bug Heater

In order to choose the most appropriate generator for your application, you will need to know the power requirements of the equipment you intend to use. For example, if you want to power an Eliminator Elite and 5 Elite SS Air Movers, you will need to calculate the total running wattage of the equipment. Running Watts are calculated by multiplying amps x volts. Please see below:

Eliminator Elite Heater- 48 amps x 120 volts= 5,760 watts

Elite SS Air Movers– 5 air movers x 1.8 amps x 120 volts=1,080 watts

Total Running Watts: 6,840

As you can see from the example above, the total wattage draw will be 6,840 watts or 6.84 kilowatts. When sizing for the correct generator, you should look at the “running watts” rating of the generator, which is normally 80% of the overall rating of the generator. In this case, the XPE 8500 watt generator would keep the running watts below 80% of the overall rating. This model generator is rated for 8500 watts at startup, and 7000 running watts.

For assistance in selecting the right portable generator for your bed bug equipment, you can call us at 833-401-3569, or email us at info@thermalflowtech.com

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200,000 Btu Pro Series Propane Indirect-Fired Heater

200,000 Btu Pro Series Propane Indirect-Fired Heater

200,000 Btu Pro Series Propane Indirect-Fired Heater

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