Commercial Bed Bug Heaters

Many pest control operators have moved towards using heat technology as a bed bug eradication solution. This makes a commercial bed bug heater one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy. There are a variety of bed bug heaters available, but no selection as diverse as Thermal Flow Technologies. We have many years of hands-on field experience with every type of technology, and have selected equipment that suits every operator. As a result, we can help you decide on the best electric, diesel, or propane bed bug heater to deliver the power and results you need.

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Our Most Popular Gas Powered Commercial Bed Bug Heaters

Gas fired heaters are typically the go-to for operators, as they can service much larger spaces without the need for generators. They have the power and ability to heat large spaces quickly and get the job done effectively. These will safely treat a larger structure and can give you the ability to take on bigger jobs — with safety in mind. Our commercial propane bed bug heaters have no exposed flame and are thermostatically controlled to maintain the right temperatures and prevent overheating.

What Makes a Good Bed Bug Heater?

When you are looking for the best commercial bed bug heaters, there are a few major factors you will want to keep in mind. While a lot of these are common sense for a pest control professional, they are a good way to make sure you are getting commercial bed bug heaters that will be effective and long-lasting.

  • Reliability is very important when you are using equipment professionally. After all, having something fail on the job is embarrassing, frustrating, and can cost you clients.
  • Reach matters when you are dealing with bigger spaces like whole floors of buildings. Getting a heater with enough power is crucial for this.
  • Ease of use is just that – it makes your life easier! In addition, it eases training and flexibility.
  • Safety is perhaps the most important feature to consider, as with high-heat equipment the risk of fire is always present.

Offering Bed Bug Heat Treatment Training & More

In addition to commercial bed bug heaters that have the power and reliability you need, we can also provide training on new heaters, how to use heat technology to kill bedbugs, and anything else you might need. As long-time professionals in the industry, we want to share our knowledge of this equipment and make sure you are using heaters, air flow equipment, and sensors to achieve the best results possible. In addition to selling easy-to-use products and heating packages, we provide consultation and training if you need help getting started with heat treatments and gas-powered commercial bed bug heaters. Click here to learn more about our Applied Technical Training programs.

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