Portable Air Scrubbers

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Portable Air Scrubbers

Air Scrubbers for Disaster & Water Restoration

Maintaining a clean and safe environment while performing mold and water remediation, renovation, and construction requires healthy air flow and air quality. In fact, air quality has a huge impact on overall health of workers in a space, as well as the quality of stored goods or equipment. One important tool for keeping up good air quality is the air scrubber. These portable filtration devices can remove potentially harmful particles, gasses, and chemicals from the air with little disruption or setup.

Whether you are working in restoration or construction, and need to filter contaminants out of the air, or just want to maintain clean air in any space, an air scrubber is the way to go. Additionally, for some projects and spaces, you might also want to use a portable dehumidifier if the structure is wet, or has elevated humidity.

Shop our selection of indoor air scrubbers and other air quality and water restoration equipment online or to learn more about our equipment. For help finding the right products, contact us either online or by phone at 833-401-3569 and ask about our equipment, from industrial heaters to dehumidifiers and more.

Using Air Scrubbers for Water Damage Restoration

Air Scrubber Equipment for Disaster & Water Restoration

Whenever you are performing tasks such as demolition or mold remediation, materials and particles are thrown into the air, and produce gasses and other pollutants that could be potentially harmful. To ensure a safe environment, it is important to have an air scrubber to protect both workers and inhabitants.

In addition to everyday air quality maintenance, air scrubbers are great for water damage restoration projects. They work well alongside dehumidifiers to reduce unwanted pollutants. Air scrubbers are fairly easy to use, come in a variety of sizes and filter levels. Some have more filtering capacity than others, and it is important to consider the cubic footage of the space you will be working with, and how finely filtered you need the air to be. For assistance with odors, carbon-activated filter options are available in our 4-stage air scrubbers. These factors will determine what kind of air scrubber you need to get the desired results.

Depending on what you need from your air scrubber, you can choose from our collection of powerful scrubbers, including these models:

  • X-2480A 5-Speed Mini-Air Scrubber
  • X-2580 Air Scrubber
  • X-3400A Variable Speed Air Scrubber
  • X-3580 5-Speed 4-Stage Air Scrubber

Air Scrubbers for Odor Removal

At Thermal Flow Technologies, we have HEPA-filtered air scrubbers available with both 3-stage and 4-stage filtration systems. With carbon-activated filters to assist with odor removal, these high-quality machines will help purify air in your space and remove any lingering odors, provided the odor source is removed. If you are looking for a different model, or need help figuring out which scrubber is right for your project, the Thermal Flow Technologies team is happy to assist you.

Contact Thermal Flow Technologies to Learn More About Air Scrubbers

Together with other equipment — like a dehumidifier and other air quality machines — an air scrubber will keep your space free of air pollutants and safe to work and live in. To learn more about air quality maintenance and related products, contact Thermal Flow Technologies either online or by phone at 833-401-3569 and ask about our industrial heaters and other restoration equipment.

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