Dehumidifiers For Water Damage

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Dehumidifiers For Water Damage

Commercial Dehumidifiers | Portable Dehumidifier Equipment

When it comes to drying out a structure, heat drying may not be an option for moisture removal, or there may not be a suitable way to evacuate moisture. This is where a commercial dehumidifier can complete your water restoration equipment arsenal. While heaters and other drying equipment can be very effective on their own, adding a commercial dehumidifier can speed the process, and help ensure that all unwanted moisture is removed.

Many low-grain refrigerant(LGR) commercial dehumidifiers are fully portable, allowing for easy transport and placement into affected areas in structures. At Thermal Flow Technologies, you can find equipment for water restoration that is easy to use and dependable. From powerful industrial heaters to portable LGR commercial dehumidifiers that anyone can use, shop our selection of equipment online. For more help, we can find the right equipment for you when you contact us either online or by phone at 1-833-401-3569.

What a Commercial Dehumidifier Can Do for You

Commercial Dehumidifiers

A commercial dehumidifier for water damage in any arsenal is an excellent complement to heat drying equipment, and these powerful machines can truly speed the water removal process. Additionally, a good commercial dehumidifier can be used to remove moisture in saturated environments, reducing the chance for microbial growth. From disaster restoration projects to humidity control in a large space, a good dehumidifier has a lot of uses.

At Thermal Flow Technologies, we carry commercial dehumidifiers for all kinds of applications. Our experienced team is happy to help you find the right equipment, and can recommend dehumidifiers to meet your specific needs, whether it is our compact XD75L LGR Dehumidifier, or our larger Storm 125 LGR dehumidifiers.  Below you will find our list of our commercial dehumidifiers.

Our Dehumidifiers For Water Damage

For most applications, we have ETL certified, LGR (low grain refrigerant) dehumidifiers. These safe and easy to use commercial dehumidifiers come in a variety of sizes, with pint removal capacities up to 130 pints at AHAM. We also carry electric desiccant dehumidifiers, which can be more effective in cold weather and are available with a pint removal capacity of up to 350 pints per day. We also sell all the dehumidifier accessories you might need, including nozzles and nozzle kits, condensate pumps, and duct adaptors.

Our available dehumidifiers include:

  • X-Power XD75L LGR Dehumidifier
  • X-Power XD75LH LGR Dehumidifier (with handle/wheels)
  • X-Power XD85L LGR Dehumidifier
  • X-Power XD85L LGR Dehumidifier (with handle/wheels)
  • X-Power XD125 LGR Dehumidifier
  • DH-100 Desiccant Dehumidifier
  • DRY-700 Desiccant Dehumidifier

Learn More About Dehumidifiers for Water Damage and Other Disaster Restoration Equipment

With our portable dehumidifiers on hand, you can make quick work of any drying project and be sure that you have returned the structure to dry standard. When performing water damage restoration, employing commercial dehumidifiers in a drying environment is a widely accepted practice, and should be part of your equipment toolbox. To learn more and explore the drying equipment that Thermal Flow Technologies has to offer, contact us either online or by phone at 1-833-401-3569 and ask about our industrial heaters and other disaster restoration equipment.

In addition to dehumidifiers, we can help you find the right heaters, air movers, air scrubbers, and accessories for whatever drying environment you encounter. Disaster restoration can be a tedious process but having the right equipment — including an effective dehumidifier – expedites drying, returning the affected structure back into use quicker.

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