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Top selling heater for single room bed bug treatments. Simple, effective, and easy to use. Plugs into standard 110v wall outlets; heater requires (3) 12 gauge extension cords, sold separately. Treats up to 180 sqft of occupied spaces. SHIPS FREE to the contiguous United States!

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Single Room Bed Bug Heater Product Features:

  • Treats up to 180 sqft of occupied spaces with 8′ ceilings
  • Simple-to-use
  • Plugs into standard wall outlets
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Can achieve 140 degrees F
  • Lightweight and compact

VERY IMPORTANT: Please note, electric bed bug heaters generally require one to several hours to reach kill temperatures (120º-140ºF); cold weather, poorly insulated rooms, vaulted ceilings, concrete walls/floors, and inadequate power supply may also impact the time required to achieve kill temperatures as well as the capacity of the heater. Please take exact measurements of your space before ordering this product. If your treatment space is larger than 180 sqft, even slightly, this heater may NOT ACHIEVE the above referenced recommended temperature range. Please seek a larger capacity heater from our list on the previous page.

The Single Room Bed Bug Heater is the perfect heater for DIY bed bug treatments, and single room treatments. Also known as a “Cube Heater” because of it’s box-style, this heater produces 14,100 BTUs and is capable of achieving a temperature of 140 degree F. (Note: Larger areas at max capacity may only achieve temperatures of 120 degrees F. Concrete rooms cut the capacity by 50-60%). The heater is specifically designed for bed bug treatments, meaning it has high-temperature rated electrical components, high-temperature heat shielding around the elements, and a sealed high-temperature fan motor, unlike your over-the-counter electric heaters from the hardware store. The heater is compact 15″x15″x”14″, and weighs only 19 pounds.

Power requirements: DO NOT use this equipment in any structure with outdated power, including aluminum wiring, and push-in or screw-in fuses. Heater requires (3) 15 amp circuit breakers and (3) 12 gauge extension cords, sold separately.

We recommend (2) 25′ cords and (1) 50′ cord. We also recommend the use of a High Temperature, High Velocity Air Mover to ensure optimal heat penetration throughout your space. Click here for the complete 180 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Package.

Whether you’re a pest control professional, or a homeowner, you can rest assured this heater will get the job done. Bed bug heat treatments eliminate all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including the eggs. If you have not had success with chemical treatments, or are looking for a faster way to achieve being bed bug free, this heater is the answer. In addition, our staff has completed thousands of treatments, and personally use this equipment in the field. Rest assured, you’re not just purchasing equipment, you’re getting the support of experienced professionals in the industry! Click to learn more about DIY bed bug treatments

10 reviews for Single Room Electric Bed Bug Heater

  1. Brian N (verified owner)

    Get one of these and you will never have to worry about bugs again. The pest control guy will tell you that the heat will melt stuff but all it melted in my house was the bugs. Very high quality machine and what you need if you want to make sure no critters are going to be back. FYI – I paid just as much for a professional bug company to spray as I did for this heater and the spray didnt work.


    Worked well, at 116 degrees killed the bedbugs ALREADY.

  3. Weldon Lewis (Chicago)

    purchased the single room heater with 3 power cords,closed off rooms separately let heater work for 8 hours reaching a temp pf 36*F all adult bugs are gone,plan to second round to get any newly hatchlings. I knew the sprays and “PROS”were an expensive and temporary temporary fix that polluted the air and sickeneded everyone.All the “PROS” WANT is more Money. Thanks for the Senior Consideration

  4. Vannara Houth (verified owner)

    Works really well. Definitely highly recommend this. If you tried everything and it does not work, try this thermalflowtech. works like a charm.

  5. Jody Thames (verified owner)

    This did the trick, despite what I was told: “Heaters don’t work!” Shoulda known not to ask reddit. What a hoot i gave them evidence to the contrary and bounced. Read on if inclined.

    Had a literal nightmare on our hands in a 140 year old, 3 story w/basement home.
    Furniture and beds were new when we moved here 10 months ago so we were trying to keep what we had. Replacing it would cost in the thousands of course. We decided to spend a fraction of that money on a Cube heater and a universal air mover heater as an auxiliary heat source as the rooms treated were fairly full of furniture. I used these heaters (along with a couple other products used for a “gun line”) and couldn’t ask for a better outcome.
    We had to make two rounds because there was a bit of a learning curve but didn’t matter; was thinking of doing a second round anyway.

    We have our lives back, kept all the furniture and can move on. Note: The only thing damaged was a small area of plaster that puckered above one bed. We were thinking of burning the house down (joke haha) so I don’t even notice it. 🙂 The house is old, exposed masonry/brick on most walls, pier and beam flooring and full of cracks and crevices. Yeah.

    Thank you, Dave. You and yours has been invaluable to us and we are grateful that this product was available and FINDABLE which is the icing on the cake.

    These heaters work. Don’t listen to the haters.

  6. Marianne (verified owner)

    This heater was just what we needed. We had tried sprays and diggers. Which were totally ineffective. We used this heater and got the results we were looking for. It was easy to set up and very efficient.

  7. Kevin Miller (verified owner)

    The heater worked well reaching the highest temperature of 129 degrees F. It cleared our problem one room at a time. We did have some issues with figuring out the right combo for plugging in the 3 power cords without knocking out circuit breakers. Once we figured that out it was smooth. Also, it took a bit longer to reach kill temperature than we hoped. Overall, I recommend it.

  8. Eduardo Dutra (verified owner)

    Your heater was exactly what I needed to get rid of those bedbugs. I burned their buggy butts and they didn’t come back. In the past I spent a lot of money on “professionals” who didn’t kill all of them. Do some research and become a pro yourself. Every landlord needs to get these heaters as part of an overall plan to get rid of them for good.

  9. Tom Pataky

    This heater was very effective in killing and ridding our building of bed bugs. It did take longer to heat up to the desired temperature than we expected , so allow more time than the recommended time for effective killing. But overall we are very pleased with our purchase and the equipment.

  10. John W

    We absolutely love this heater! Our techs throw them in the cab of the truck for jobs where we are just treating one room. Or if we have something survive in a room from one of our whole-home treatments, we just set one of these up with a couple of fans, and close off the room. It has saved us thousands because we don’t have to tie up a trailer full of equipment for the day, freeing us up to continue handling larger treatments.

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