400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package For Homes
500 Sq. Ft. Propane Bed Bug Heater Package

400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package For Hotels

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The 400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Package For Hotels is our most popular heater in the hospitality industry. Capable of treating rooms up to 400 sqft; built-in thermostat and simple to use.

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400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Package For Hotels contains:

(1) Elite 8 Electric Bed Bug Heater
(1) PTAC Cord Package (1-PTAC splitter, 2-50′ & 2-15′ extension cords)
(1) SS 1.8 Axial Air Mover
(1) Infrared Thermometer

Elite 8 Electric Bed Bug Heater Product Features:

  • Treats up to 400 sq ft of Occupied Spaces with 8′ ceilings
  • Simple to use
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Can achieve 140 degrees F

VERY IMPORTANT: Please note, electric bed bug heaters generally require one to several hours to reach kill temperatures (120º-140ºF); cold weather, poorly insulated rooms, vaulted ceilings, concrete walls/floors, and inadequate power supply may also impact the time required to achieve kill temperatures as well as the capacity of the heater. Please take exact measurements of your space before ordering this product. If your treatment space is larger than 400 sqft, even slightly, this heater may NOT ACHIEVE the above referenced recommended temperature range. Please seek a larger capacity heater from our list on the previous page.

The Elite 8 is a 26,000 BTU bed bug heater that is capable of treating up to 400 sqft with 8′ ceilings. The heater has 8 elements drawing 8 amps per element, for a total of 64 amps at 120 volts. The heater can plug into standard wall outlets however this package comes with a 600v PTAC splitter. The splitter will plug into higher voltage through-the-wall heating and air conditioning units, and convert into usable power for the heater. The splitter will power 4 of the 8 outlets on the heater and we’ve provided the additional 4 extension cords needed. The Elite 8 is by far our most popular heater for standard hotel rooms. The heater has an integrated axial fan with on-board digital temperature control. It has a max temperature of 140 degrees. preventing the overheating of rooms, and can be set at lower temperatures if desired. The Elite SS Axial Air Mover ensures optimal heat penetration throughout your space and the Infrared Thermometer is used to verify that every square inch of the space has reached your desired temperature.

PLEASE NOTE: Power requirements (4) 15 amp circuit breakers or (2) 20 amp circuit breakers AND (1) PTAC Splitter for use with through the wall heating & air conditioning units. Please see the PTAC plug configurations below and select your desired plug option above. 

Why do people choose heat to eliminate bed bugs? The use of heat will allow your rooms to be brought back into service within one day, preventing loss of revenue. Heat leaves no residual smells or chemicals, and will kill all stages of bed bugs including eggs. Operating temperatures between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal for eradication. Whether you’re a pest control professional, or a hotel owner, you can rest assured this package will get the job done. Bed bug heat treatments eliminate all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including the eggs. If you have not had success with chemical treatments, or are looking for a faster way to achieve being bed bug free, this package is the answer. In addition, our staff has completed thousands of treatments, and personally use this equipment in the field. Rest assured, you’re not just purchasing equipment, you’re getting the support of experienced professionals in the industry! Click to learn more about Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels.


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Plug Type

PTAC 6-20P, PTAC 7-20P

Product Specifications

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12 reviews for 400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package For Hotels

  1. Roshan

    Working good
    I have 3 hotel rooms problem and work good

  2. Kim (verified owner)

    Works well in insulated main floor rooms. You will need more heat/power for a lower level room with concrete floors. Company was very helpful at guiding us through the set up and use of the products. Overall would recommend.


    It takes a bit to set up room correctly, the fans are great! We raised room temp to 80 and started from there. Great product,wish we purchased sooner! Were not disappointed at all!

  4. U.J

    This product works great!

  5. J. Ramirez

    Works great! No issues at all, will be purchasing more products soon

  6. Yash (verified owner)

    This is by far the best tool for bed bug treatments and we are thinking to use it in our several other hotels. We should have used this a long time ago and had saved lots of money

  7. vic patel

    this is excellent product for bedbug or any kind of bug treatment. easy to setup and get 100% result, not to warry about burgs once you treat with bedbug heather

  8. Jay Patel (verified owner)

    Excellent products, very efficient and 100% results. We wish we would have thought of purchasing products through thermaflow earlier. I personally can say that anyone looking for a way to save money, a way to get guaranteed results, you will not go wrong with purchasing one of thermaflow’s bed bug heaters. Shipping was on point, I thought it would take quite some time to receive the heaters but they showed up within 4-days of purchase.

  9. Sherrie Crawford (verified owner)

    Really great system. I will buy again for my other hotels. Easy to use. Gets the job done.

  10. Kurt (verified owner)

    Great equipment that sets up easily and is durable for transport to distant job sites. We use these heaters not only for Bug treatments, but to thaw out frozen pipes, heat areas under construction in winter, and to help dry out areas after water leaks and damage. Very versatile and worth the money.

  11. Marvin Deur (verified owner)

    Perfect for our bed and breakfast. Great system, works quietly and efficiently. Very satisfied with the results. We have purchased 3 of the deluxe packages.

  12. Kapesh Patel

    Wonderful. Works perfectly fine. No issues at all.

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400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package For Homes
500 Sq. Ft. Propane Bed Bug Heater Package

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800 Recirculating Propane Bed Bug Heater

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