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Bed Bug Remediation Equipment: Bed Bug Heaters for Sale

When shopping the market for bed bug heaters you’ll undoubtedly find a multitude of options. With heat treatments becoming a preferred method of bed bug remediation for homeowners and pest control companies, it makes sense that you can find a lot of new bed bug heaters for sale. Whether you are dealing with an infestation across a large space or a small home project, heat treatments are one of the fastest and most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs with single-day bed bug removal.

Bed Bug Heater for Sale, DIY Bed Bug Heater

As with any bed bug remediation project, it is important to take a careful approach to eradicating bed bugs with heat. There is a lot to consider when performing an effective heat treatment and you’ll likely find that you need more than just a retailer that sells bed bug heaters. That’s just one of the many aspects that sets Thermal Flow Technologies apart from the others. With many years of real-world, hands-on experience in pest control,  as well as training and consulting other bed bug professionals, our team has selected only the safest and best bed bug heaters to offer. We personally test every system we offer for sale in the field before we introduce them to our customers. We do this to ensure the heaters perform to specifications, and enhance our product knowledge to assist with everything from troubleshooting to treatment optimization.

We also offer full packages with everything you need to perform a successful heat treatment. Plus, we can provide training and demonstrations for all of our products.

You can elect to purchase our heaters and bundles online, or you can call us if you have more questions, or just need some guidance. To learn about demos with our industrial heaters or for more help selecting the best equipment, contact us today online or by phone at 833-401-3569.

A Wide Selection of Bed Bug Heaters for Sale

Sleeptight 800 bed bug heater, indoor propane bed bug heater, propane bed bug heater

Unlike some niche providers with limited offerings, we at Thermal Flow Technologies cater to a broad range of heat treatment needs. We have a wide variety of bed bug heaters for sale, from our single-room bed bug heater, which is rated for 180 square feet, to our indirect gas fired heaters, which can be used for professional heat treatment jobs of almost any size. Our helpful team knows these machines inside and out and we can help make sure you get the right heater or bed bug package for your job.

One big advantage you will find with the bed bug heaters we have for sale is that they have all been selected for ease of use. This way, anyone from a DIY’er to a new technician can be successful with just our tools, and the remediation professional can focus on other parts of the business, knowing our heaters will get the job done. Since bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, making sure you are meticulous about getting treatment right the first time is important.

How Heat Treatment Works

Before diving into the equipment needed for a heat treatment, you should have a solid understanding of how heat treatments for bed bugs work. Heat treatments are a fast and effective method of eradicating bed bugs. They can be completed in one day and create very little mess and disruption. A successful heat treatment, however, requires the careful use of heaters, air flow systems, and heat monitoring equipment to evenly heat a structure to 120 – 140 degrees. To see an example of how our packages operate, click here.

When considering different bed bug heaters for sale, you want to think about their reliability how much space you need to heat, and what kind of obstacles might be in the way. From there, you should be able to select the right bed bug heaters from those for sale.

Find the Right Bed Bug Heaters & Products for Sale

There are lot of bed bug heater products to choose from. For price conscious DIY bed bug treatments, smaller electric heaters are a good fit. For professional jobs and hotel bed bug remediation, something more heavy duty might be called for. Our team can help you confirm you are getting a heater powerful enough to end your infestation.

Contact us today online or by phone at 833-401-3569 to learn more about our industrial heaters or to discuss which bed bug heater for sale is best for your needs.

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