250,000 BTU Tent Heater Bundle Dual-Fuel
L.B. White Premier 350 Heater

Heat Wagon DG250 Direct-Fired Ductable Heater


The Heat Wagon DG250 Ductable Direct-Fired heater is a powerful direct-fired portable heating unit for use in temporary space heat up to 7000 square feet, and larger bed bug heat treatments up to 1300 square feet. Call 833-401-3569 or email [email protected] for custom quantity discounts.


  • Ships via truck freight to commercial dock.
  • Additional shipping charges will apply for liftgate, rural, limited access and residential delivery.
  • Not returnable – Please double check to confirm this product is correct for your application.


DG250 Bed Bug Accessory Kit DG250 accessory kit for use in bed bug heat treatments. Includes duct adapter, one section of 25' long mylar duct, remote hi-temp thermostat with 50' cord, 50' custom gas hose and 3 tank regulator manifold assembly.

Heat Wagon High Pressure Gas Install Kit High pressure install kit includes 1st and 2nd stage regulator, fittings, and 25' 3/4 high pressure gas hose to provide proper supply to the machine.


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The Heat Wagon DG250 ductable heater is a powerful and multifunctional direct-fired portable heating unit that is designed to provide warmth in large spaces, as well as provide elevated heat to kill bed bugs. It features a powerful 250,000 BTU output, making it suitable for 1,300 square feet of capacity for bed bug heat remediation, and temporary space heating up to 7,100 square feet of space.

The Heat Wagon DG250 ductable heater can be fueled by either propane or natural gas, which provides convenient options for outdoor heating applications. It comes equipped with a number of safety features, including overheat protection, flame-out protection, and a safety shut-off valve.

The heater is capable of ducting up to 50′ with a 170 degree heat rise. It is designed for easy portability, with heavy-duty wheels, lightweight frame, and collapsible handle for easy transportation across a number of surfaces.

The Heat Wagon DG250 ductable heater is ideal for use in a variety of temporary heat settings, including construction sites, outdoor events, and warehouses. It is also an excellent choice for heat treatments for bed bugs in homes and apartments.

The heater can be supplied with the optional DG250 Bed Bug Accessory Kit or the DG250 Temporary Heat Accessory Kit. The kits include a flexible gas hose with brass fittings, regulator, one 25′ section of duct (mylar for bed bug, polyester for temp heat), steel duct adapter and thermostat.


Input 241,000/255,000 BTU/Hr
  • Vapor Propane
  • Natural Gas
Fuel Consumption
  • 2.6 GPH
  • 255 CFH NG
Electrical 120V, 5 amp
Fan 2,766 CFM
Thermostat On/Off (optional)
Temp Rise 170 degrees
Weight 139 lbs.
Ductable up to 50′
Dimensions 45″ L
31″ W
36″ H
250,000 BTU Tent Heater Bundle Dual-Fuel
L.B. White Premier 350 Heater

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