Diesel & Propane Bed Bug Heaters

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Diesel & Propane Bed Bug Heaters

Indoor Propane Bed Bug Heater, Commercial Bed Bug Heater

For professional and large space applications, diesel and propane bed bug heaters provide more power and consistent results. While electric bed bug heaters can be very effective in some spaces, for a larger project or a more serious infestation, diesel and propane heaters may be the way to go. Most pest control and remediation professionals use gas heaters almost exclusively, and they can be quite safe when used correctly.

From indoor propane heaters to diesel models, you can find high-quality professional use heaters at Thermal Flow Technologies. With many years of real-world, hands-on experience in pest control, as well as training and consulting other bed bug professionals, our team has selected only the best heaters for this type of application. Every gas fired system we offer for sale is field tested to ensure the heaters perform to specifications, and enhance our product knowledge to assist with troubleshooting and treatment optimization.

Shop our wide selection of diesel and propane fired bed bug heaters online today, or contact us online or by phone at 833-401-3569 to learn more about our industrial heaters.

Why Use Gas & Propane Bed Bug Heaters?

For a professional job, you want a bed bug heater that will sufficiently heat the space and ensure that all bugs, eggs, and larvae have been killed. Diesel and propane fired heaters are a great way to get more power than electric models can offer as well as speed up the heating process. Plus, propane heaters are relatively safe with no exposed flames and no fumes.

Other factors to look at include reliability, ease of use, and price. When selecting our line of diesel and propane fired heaters, we took all of these factors into account. Many professional providers overlook ease of use, assuming someone who knows what they are doing can figure it out. However, with easier to use diesel and propane fired bed bug heaters, you can save time and energy, and cut down on training costs too.

Shop Our Full Line of Gas Fired Bed Bug Heaters

We offer a complete selection of gas powered heaters for bed bug remediation including propane, kerosene, and diesel heaters, as well as heater packages containing airflow equipment. All of our heaters are certified and safe, remotely thermostatically controlled, with no exposed flames or fumes. That means you do not have to stand next to the heater to adjust the temperature or gas valves. With the recirculating propane heaters, you get an extra layer of security with built-in temperature controls, carbon monoxide monitoring, making it a choice heater for the safety-minded operator.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Training and More

As an added layer of safety, we also offer consultation and training programs. If you are just starting out conducting bed bug heat treatments or have a particularly challenging case, our team is happy to help and can suggest which propane bed bug heaters will be the right fit for the job ahead. From there, we will get everything to you quickly with all of the heater accessories, air flow equipment, and anything else you might need.

Contact Thermal Flow Technologies to Learn More About Our Diesel and Propane Fired Bed Bug Heaters

Whether you need help selecting the best heater, would like to schedule training, or have other questions for our bed bug remediation experts about using our industrial heaters for bed bug eradication, contact us today online or by phone at 833-401-3569.

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