Bed Bug Remediation Training Programs

Thermal Flow Technologies, in addition to having bed bug heaters for sale, provides bed bug remediation training  utilizing heat technology for pest control professionals, hotels, housing authorities, camps, service companies and many more! Knowing how to eradicate bed bugs properly and effectively can save you a lot of time and money. So, regardless of the level of experience you have, refining techniques and learning about new bed bug remediation tools is always a good idea.

We are currently offering customized, applied technical training on-site, at your desired location with your equipment.  All students will earn a training certificate for completing the course. Contact us today to learn more!




Bed Bug Techniques for Beginners to Professionals

Our training programs are taught by professionals with experience performing thousands of hands-on treatments. Our training will help trainees be more efficient, reduce chances of failure, and reduce chances of damage during heat treatments.

For those who are familiar with bed bug eradication in general, we offer product specific training to help you become familiar with our heaters and how to use them safely. For the at-home bed bug exterminator or those with little or no previous experience, we give a solid introduction to effective bed bug eradication with heat and explain how to use our bed bug heater systems.

For professionals and service companies, our training courses are a great way to expand to heat-based bed bug eradication in addition to, or instead of, other methods. Many clients prefer bed bug eradication through heat. It is quick, environmentally friendly, and highly effective when performed properly.

Topics Covered in Our Applied Technical Training

Arm yourself or staff with information, tools, and tactics with a customized applied technical training session . Learn some of the latest techniques in bed bug remediation, which will help bring peace of mind to your organization and/or customers.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Understanding How Much Heat You Need for Successful Remediation
  • Equipment Sizing and Placement
  • Understanding a Structure’s Response to Heat & How to Avoid Damage
  • Heating Equipment Operation (Propane, Diesel, Electric)
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Bed Bug Biology, Behavior & Identification

For each of these areas, we will address what you need to know and focus the training on your questions and concerns to make sure you leave confident in your ability to implement this knowledge.

Starting a Bed Bug Eradication Company

Whether you are starting a business or adding bed bug eradication to your existing service line, bed bug remediation offers a profitable opportunity for growth. We offer a variety of heat treatment packages that come with everything you need to successfully rid a property or room of bed bugs. Then, our experienced team can show you how it all works, covering heater safety as well as air flow and sensor techniques that make it easier to be sure you conduct a successful heat treatment. From there, it is your business to pursue!

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Bed Bug Training Services

Interested in implementing a bed bug remediation program in your service company? Need a customized training program for your staff? Call us today at 833-401-3569 or reach out online to sign up or find out more about our training options.

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