FAQs: Using Portable Bed Bug Heaters to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Before you use a portable bed bug heater to get rid of an infestation, it’s important to make sure you understand some key information, including what’s going to be required to successfully eradicate the bed bugs. At Thermal Flow Technologies, we can provide valuable insight on treatment approaches, gained from years of field experience. Additionally, we can provide training and technical support on all of the equipment we provide. For more information, contact us online or by phone at 833-401-3569. To learn more about how bed bug heat treatments work, click here!

Common Bed Bug Questions

Anyone can use a portable bed bug heater to attempt to eradicate bed bugs, but there are a number of details one should understand before tackling a heat treatment. Here are a few common questions to consider:

What temperature is needed to kill bed bugs?

We recommend holding the room temperature at 130°F for 4-6 hours and assuring yourself there are no cool spots in the room. To explain why, adult bed bugs need to be exposed to temperatures above 113°F to die, and the process takes 20 minutes at this temperature. Eggs, however, can require up to 7 hours of heat exposure. At 120°F, adult bed bugs die within 5 minutes, and eggs can be gone within 30. Keep in mind, this is direct exposure to the bug. Bed bugs can hide inside of walls, underneath baseboards, and many other difficult areas to heat. With this being said, holding 130°F for several hours is ideal to ensure lethal temperatures fully penetrate all areas of the space.

Do I just need to heat the air to the “kill” temperature?

No, the entire treatment space and all of its contents need to reach the above temperatures to fully eradicate the bed bugs. Contents absorb heat, and the more clutter or furniture you have in a space, the more heat you will need. Once the room is up to the kill temperature, the contents of the room should be manipulated to ensure heat reaches every cool spot. We recommend strategic placement and the maneuvering of high temperature, high velocity air movers for optimal heat penetration and to eliminate cool spots.

How to Use Your Portable Bed Bug Heater

Are fans and air movers really that important?

Bed bug heat treatment package

Air movers are just as important to the process as the heat. All of our bed bug heater system packages include high temperature air movers because they direct and distribute the heat. Hot air needs to be moved throughout the structure to ensure that all bed bugs and eggs are killed. Air movers shorten treatment times, eliminate cold spots, and reduce overheating by blending the air. This is why all of our packages contain air movers with your portable bed bug heater, as well as cords and other accessories.

Am I using a big enough portable bed bug heater?

Getting a heater that is powerful enough to heat your entire treatment space to lethal temperature to kill bed bugs is an important consideration. Based on our experience and calculations, we have specified square footage recommendations for every bed bug heater and every bed bug heater package listed on our site. It’s important to take exact measurements of your space before purchasing a heater. In more detail, the amount of power you need varies according to the material of the building, weather conditions, and a variety of other factors. However, a good criterion to follow is that you need 8-12 BTUs per cubic foot being heated for standard drywall and carpeted rooms. Unique circumstances such as all concrete rooms will require at least double the BTUs per cubic foot to reach lethal temperature. If one portable bed bug heater is not enough to achieve lethal temperatures throughout your structure, multiple can be used together to achieve the desired effect.

What risks are involved in using portable bed bug heaters?

While the portable bed bug heaters we carry at Thermal Flow Technologies are safe overall and designed for easy use, understanding the potential risk of heat treatment is crucial to safe operation. Overheating and heat damage are possibilities, though they can be avoided with careful temperature monitoring. All of our commercial and residential style bed bug heaters are thermostatically controlled to reduce risk of overheating. Similarly, fire suppression systems are vulnerable to heat, so controlled heat is paramount to the safety of your treatment.

Training & Education on Bed Bug Remediation

How difficult are portable bed bug heaters to use?

One important consideration we make at Thermal Flow Technologies is ease of use. We strive to provide equipment that is easy to operate and hassle-free. Performing bed bug eradication with a portable bed bug heater is a detailed process, but one that most people can complete successfully with a commitment to following good practices. We are more than happy to provide training on all of our equipment and offer consultation on how to perform heat treatments most efficiently.

Can you provide customized training on this equipment?

Yes, we can provide training and consultation on any of our equipment, including bed bug heating packages, portable heaters, and more.

Did We Miss Any Important Bed Bug Heater Questions? Give Us a Call!

If we missed any of the questions that are on your mind relating to portable bed bug heaters and their use in removing these awful pests, do not hesitate to give us a call. Contact us either online or by phone at 833-401-3569. We look forward to addressing your concerns!

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