Industrial Heaters & Construction Heaters

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Industrial Heaters & Construction Heaters

At Thermal Flow Technologies, we carry a wide range of industrial heaters, including electric and propane options. In fact, we can meet all your climate control needs, whether you want to heat a small workspace or a larger building. We seek to provide everything you need for effective climate control. 

Reasons to Use an Industrial Heater 

A reliable industrial heater is useful for property owners, construction managers, and anyone who needs reliable heat in harsh weather. Depending on your space requirements and safety considerations, you may choose an electrical, diesel or propane, or other type of heating appliance. 

Applications for industrial heaters include: 

  • Events hosted in outdoor spaces 
  • Construction on large work sites 
  • Building cleaning or remodeling
  • Landscaping and yard work
  • Open workspaces and patios

Temporary construction heaters can provide temporary heat to keep workers comfortable on the job and prevent stoppage from weather issues. And these powerful heaters can be used in other applications as well. Outdoor events in cold weather, outdoor construction projects, and temporary storage can all benefit from being kept warm with construction heaters. Whether in new construction, remodeling or renovation, performing disaster or pest remediation, or doing anything else that needs climate control on a temporary basis, our industrial heaters can keep you warm, ensuring your project stays on track until you get the job done.

Instructions for Industrial Heater Use 

While electric heaters are generally considered safer, heaters that use natural gas, oil, or propane can provide more energy for larger spaces. Our heaters provide the heat you need in extremely cold weather to condition a larger space, or over an extended period, with lower energy costs. 

While it is simple to operate our electric construction heaters, propane construction heaters are easy to use as well. Your main considerations should be: 

  • placement of the heater
  • cubic footage of space, and 
  • proximity to the fuel source

If using one of our indirect-fired heaters, you will need to be close to an area where you can either install a vent kit or place the indirect-fired heater outside for safety. 

If you need training on how to use a propane construction heater, the Thermal Flow Technologies team can help. We are more than happy to train you and your team on any of the equipment we provide, including construction heaters.

Shop Our Wide Selection of Industrial Heaters 

Our heaters offer powerful temperature control in the harshest weather. Every construction heater we provide delivers high BTUs in every cubic foot of air, allowing you to gather and work, no matter how difficult the conditions. 

Finding the right climate control products and dependable construction heaters is as easy as contacting one of our technical staff members, and providing them the parameters of your project. For temporary climate control, we can recommend the right construction heater, dehumidifier, or air conditioner for your space; with same-day shipping available on most products.

From climate control products like construction heaters to dehumidifiers, air mover fans, and more, you can find what you are looking for at Thermal Flow Technologies.

Contact Us for More Information on Industrial Heaters

To find out more and for help selecting the right climate control package for your project, get in touch with the Thermal Flow Technologies team. Contact us either online or by phone at 833-401-3569 to ask about our industrial heaters and equipment.



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