SS 1100 Low Profile Air Mover
X-35AR Professional High Temp Axial Fan (sealed motor)

SS 1100 with HEPA Filter


Low-Profile air mover with high temperature motor and HEPA Filter.


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The SS 1100 low-profile air mover is compact with higher airflow then competing products. It is equipped with a HEPA Filter and a high-temperature motor, making it suitable for the most challenging environments such as bed bug remediation projects. It is equipped with an hour meter, GFI to daisy-chain other pieces of equipment, and a kick stand to direct airflow upwards. The air mover also can be placed in different orientations to move heated air where you want it to go. The low-profile helps drive heated air across floor surfaces and underneath baseboards, which are typically the coolest places during a heat treatment. They are stackable, light, and easy to carry, making it a premium choice for the heat treatment professional. Weighs 27lbs. Operating at 1150 CFM air volume, 115vac, 60hz and 2 amps.

Additional HEPA Filters available here.

Product Specifications

AIR VOLUME 1150 cfm
FAN SPEED Variable
DIMENSIONS 23″L x 17″W x 10″H
WEIGHT 27 lbs
COLOR Orange
AUXILIARY OUTLET Daisy chain up to six SS 1100 air movers. Total amps of all devices plugged into the receptacle must not exceed 12 amps.
HIGH TEMP MOTOR Up to 158 degrees F
FEATURES Multi-directional air flow with stand/Available for
use with HEPA filter
MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY  1 yr, repair or replace


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SS 1100 Low Profile Air Mover
X-35AR Professional High Temp Axial Fan (sealed motor)

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