Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels

Bed bugs can be a major issue in a busy hotel. With guests coming in and out all the time, they can be difficult to spot, contain, and eliminate before they put more rooms out of service. Even worse, with many rooms to run to, some hotels end up having to reapply treatments and lose even more business. We recommend Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels!

The best solution is to use bed bug heaters made for hotels specifically. While fumigation is more effective than heat, it is not able to be used in multi-unit structures unless you seal off and treat the entire building. Therefore, heat is the better option for these situations because it is the most effective available choice. It is not only one of the quicker treatment options, taking only one day, it is harder to mess up than chemical approaches and allows you to treat room by room, as needed. With the bed bug heaters available for hotels today, you can rest assured that with proper airflow, every inch of every room is effectively treated.

Additionally, in order to ensure proper bed bug treatment, you will want to make sure you understand how to use these heaters for hotels in the proper way. Thermal Flow Technologies will not only help you get the right equipment but we will also help you learn how to effectively use the equipment. With a full line of industrial heaters as well as heating packages available, we will find a bed bug solution that gets your rooms back open in no time. Shop online or call us today at 833-401-3569!

How Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels Work

Hotel bed bug heaters work by bringing the temperature of the affected room to above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, both bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive. By keeping the area at or above 120 degrees for a sustained amount of time, you can effectively ensure that all the pests will be destroyed.

At Thermal Flow Technologies, our heating packages include everything you need to do this. From powerful heaters, to digital sensors to ensure even coverage. Everything you need is packaged together. Take a look at our bed bug heater system packages to see what we have put together for you.

Elite 8 Electric Heater: The Best Bed Bug Heater for Hotels

At the top of the line in hotel bed bug heaters is the Elite 8 Electric Bed Bug Heater. This electric heater can put out over 26,000 BTUs of heat and can be used to treat up to 400 square feet of space, depending on the materials being treated. We have seen it in action in countess spaces and, compared to other heaters for hotels you might find, this one is quite powerful. A powerful heater means less time spent getting everything up to the lethal temperature, more space covered, and less complicated maneuvering with airflow. All in all, it is a great choice for hotel treatments and one we highly recommend!


Use Heat for Quick & Effective Bed Bug Treatment for Hotels

The biggest advantage of using heat, instead of chemical treatments or other approaches, is that the heat treatment can work in just one day. Beyond that, a heating approach is less messy and dangerous, which is good for customers. It is also easier to contain treatments to a given room or rooms if you only need to treat part of the building. There is no need to shut down nearby rooms because of dangerous chemicals or even just the smell. Instead, hotel bed bug heaters do an effective job while staying relatively quiet, contained, and quick. Meaning less downtime and higher profits for you.

Shop our bed bug heaters for sale online today or to learn more about our top hotel bed bug heaters or our complete line of industrial heaters, contact us today online or by calling 833-401-3569.