Industrial Gas Construction Heaters

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Industrial Gas, Diesel, & Propane Construction Heaters

Whether it be in an oil field, or high-rise construction project, keeping a worksite warm can be challenging in very frigid weather, and commonly used electric construction heaters might not be up for the job. For circumstances that require significant amounts of heat, gas-fired heaters provide lots of heat in very small packages.

Electric heaters can make a big impact, and are great for environments in which fuel sources might not be available or even allowed. However, a natural gas, oil, or propane construction heater can provide a lot more energy to heat bigger spaces in colder conditions. Just because the weather is bad, it does not mean your project has to stop. Thermal Flow Technologies has an array of heaters, including reliable propane construction heaters, natural gas construction heaters, and diesel-fired construction heaters.

Shop our natural gas, diesel, and propane construction heaters for sale online. If you would like to learn more about our industrial heaters, contact us either online or by phone at 833-401-3569.

Why Choose Propane Construction Heaters

While it is simple to operate our electric construction heaters, propane construction heaters are easy to use as well. Your main considerations are placement of the heater, cubic footage of space, and proximity to the fuel source. If placing one our indirect-fired heaters in the space, you will need to be close to an area where you can install a vent kit to exhaust products of combustion, keeping the air space clean. If placing our indirect-fired heaters outside the space, the heaters will introduce fresh, heated outside air into the space through high-temperature flexible duct  with no fumes.

Our natural gas, oil, and propane construction heaters offer high BTUs and superior temperature rise.  The heaters provide the heat you need in extremely cold weather to condition a larger space, or to provide heat for an extended period with lower energy costs. When an electric heater is not powerful enough, a propane, diesel, kerosene, or liquefied propane heater may be the solution.

We have direct-fired and indirect-fired heater options that can reach up 1.5 million BTUs for large spaces, and all of our propane heaters have the ability to reach high temperatures and combat the coldest environments. Our heaters can all also be thermostatically controlled and monitored, and they will not release fumes into the heated space, making them safe and effective.

Powerful Heaters for Harsh Weather

Every construction heater we provide has excellent temperature rise, delivering high BTUs in every cubic foot of air, allowing you tackle the most difficult conditions . These powerful, mobile heaters are a great option for a lot of different situations. Some of the areas where our construction heaters can be used include:

  • Outdoor parties
  • Building cleaning
  • Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Landscaping and yard work
  • Open workspaces
  • Patios

Contact Us to Learn More About Propane Construction Heaters

Our high-powered gas heater options give you a lot of choices for working in frigid environments — or heating larger spaces. With safety at the forefront, we have selected a line of heaters that is sure to impress, and will help keep you on track to meet those important deadlines. Contact us either online or by phone at 833-401-3569 to learn more about our industrial heaters and equipment.

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