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Air Movers for Temporary Climate Control

Air Movers for Construction & Climate Control

We do not always put much thought into the air movers we use. They appear to be simple piece of equipment, however a lot of thought goes into the design of our air movers. Fan motors must be able to withstand harsh environments, which is why we carry air movers with sealed motors. Sealed motors prevent debris and extreme heat from damaging the motors. Our air movers for climate control possess the ability to be “daisy-chained”, meaning they have GFI receptacles on the fans, allowing them to be connected in circuit. They also have unique grills and fan blades, allowing for maximum airflow directed in a straight line to target areas. We carry axial style, low-profile, and centrifugal air movers to meet a variety of ventilation and air distribution needs.

Axial air movers help move larger volumes of air, whereas centrifugal air movers can focus air in a particular area, and low-profile air movers save on space when trying to transport large amounts of equipment.

At Thermal Flow Technologies, we have worked with climate control and other heating and cooling equipment for a long time, and we have developed a vast knowledge of how to heat and cool spaces effectively. From temporary outdoor heating, to bed bug remediation, and water damage restoration, we have heating products down to a science — air movers included. Contact us either online or by phone at 833-401-3569 to learn more and find out how much of a difference a quality fan can make. We have the climate control solutions you need, from industrial heaters to air conditioning units, and more.

Our Air Movers

Our line of air movers offer different options for a range of applications. Whether you need to heat a large space, warm an outdoor venue, or keep a warehouse cool, our fans pair well with other climate control equipment to blend air in the conditioned environment and keep air circulating properly throughout the entire space.

With quality in mind, we have selected a line of fans that is easy to use, low-impact, and safe to operate for just about anyone. We provide both centrifugal and axial air movers, along with a few low-profile options that are less noisy and disruptive.

Air Movers: An Important Heating & Cooling Tool

Air movers are especially important in detailed applications like water damage restoration and pest control, in which you need to make sure the entire space reaches a specific temperature uniformly. In any heating scenario, using air movers can help you avoid potential heat damage by spreading out heat evenly. Distributing conditioned air is sometimes overlooked when starting a climate control project; relying solely on the quality of the heating or cooling equipment to condition the space. While this is certainly important, having high quality air movers and setting them up correctly to stratify air also makes a big impact.

Contact Us to Learn More About Temporary Heating & Cooling

At Thermal Flow Technologies, our goal is provide everything you need for successfully heating or cooling any environment. Our professional team can put together a package of industrial heaters or air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, and anything else you might need. This ensures that you are not missing any important pieces for a successful setup. Contact us online or by phone at 833-401-3569 to learn more or to get started.