Kwikool KPO12-23 Commercial Portable Air Conditioner 144000 BTU, 12 Ton
RA-12 Return Air Kit

Kwikool KPO5-21 Commercial Portable Air Conditioner 60000 BTU, 5 Ton


Kwikool KPO5-21 5 Ton Commercial Portable/ductable air conditioner for cooling of office spaces, party tents, temporary medical facilities. Operates on 208v/230v single-phase power. Durable, high-quality and proudly made in the USA!


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The Model KPO5-21 (nominal 5-ton or 60,000 BTU) is a compact portable 32 inches wide and will fit through a standard 36-inch door. This small footprint that is ideal for difficult applications that require moving cold air to a hard to reach heat load, such as a sealed interior room. The KPO Series KwiKool’s Indoor/Outdoor Line of portables provide solutions for large capacity cooling. They provide temporary cooling needed when dedicated A/C units are incapacitated and in the midst of repair or service. The KPO5-21 models are rugged units which provide continuous and reliable, powerful blowers. They can be placed outdoors and ducted into the building or placed inside and ducted into an interior room. The KPO Series offers advanced airflow capabilities, up to 50 feet cold air return and supply and up to 65 feet of hot air exhaust ducting. Even when ambient temperatures are extreme, you can rely on The KPO Series.
The KPO5-21 runs on a 208V- 1Ø 50 Amp Circuit / 230V- 1Ø 60 Amp Circuit single phase circuit, which must be hardwired by a qualified electrician. The condenser has Low Ambient Temperature Capability using a Variable Frequency Drive that will operate at temperatures below freezing. The heavy-duty base has removable wheels and forklift skid access for easy movement, setup, and transport. All KPO models come with a high functional phase monitor for electrical protection from unacceptable power, which damages electrical components. The unit also comes with an internal high lift condensate pump.

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Additional information

Weight670 lbs
Dimensions48 × 32 × 49 in


BTU/hr @ 95F at 60% RH60,000 (5-Ton)
Operating TemperaturesEvaporator
65-110 F 50%RHCondenser
30-110 F 50%RH
Heat Strips/BTU12kW/41,600
Compressor TypeHermetic Recip.
Fan Type (Centrifugal)Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM)2,400
Supply and Return Air Device1-12″ flanges for supply duct and 1-12″ flange for return duct
Maximum Duct length50′ each for supply and return.
Fan Type (Centrifugal)Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM)3500
Condenser Exhaust flange12″
Condenser Duct Max. Length65′
Condenser fan speed controlVariable Frequency Drive
Power Supply (Volts)208/230 Single Phase
Current Consumption (Amps)37.5 / 34.1
Power Consumption (kW)7
Maximum Circuit Breaker (Amps)50 on 208V / 50 on 230V
Recommended Breaker Size50
Minimum Circuit Ampacity(Amps)43.9
Min./Max. Voltage195-225/210-250
Power Cord Gauge/Length8 AWG/10′
Plug ConfigurationHard Wired
Skid12 Gauge G90 Galvanized Steel with Epoxy Powdercoat Finish
Cabinet16 Gauge G90 Galvanized Steel with Epoxy Powdercoat
Casters6″ Heavy Duty Swivel and Locking
Width x Depth x Height (Inches)32″ x 48″ x 49″ with 6″ Casters
Weight (Lbs.)670
Shipping Weight (Lbs.)735
Compressor OverloadInternal
Fan Motor OverloadAutomatic Internal
Evaporator Freeze ProtectionHot Gas Bypass with variable fan speed control
High Pressure SwitchManual
Low Pressure SwitchAutomatic
Compressor Short CycleYes
Automatic RestartYes
Thermostat TypeDigital
Condensate Pump OverflowYes
Internal Condensate Pump (high lift)Yes
Kwikool KPO12-23 Commercial Portable Air Conditioner 144000 BTU, 12 Ton
RA-12 Return Air Kit

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