Heat Wagon DG400 Direct-Fired Heater
500,000 Btu HS Pro Indirect Fired Diesel Heater

VG400 Indirect Fired Propane Heater


400,000 BTU multi-purpose indirect fired (Natural Gas or Propane) heater. Provides temporary heat to construction sites, interior spaces, and outdoor events. Safe, no exposed flame, no fumes, thermostatically controlled.


  • Ships via truck freight to commercial dock.
  • Additional shipping charges will apply for liftgate, rural, limited access and residential delivery.
  • Not returnable – Please double check to confirm this product is correct for your application.


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The VG400 Indirect Fired Propane Heater features a more durable design for long-term use in commercial and industrial temporary heating applications.

Product Features:

  • Portable
  • Can be ducted from outside, or the flue stack can be vented out to remove the products of combustion
  • High temperature rise to overcome extremely cold ambient temperature
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Fume-Free
  • Built in the USA

Input-400,000 BTU/Hr
Fuel Type-Vapor Propane/Natural Gas
Gas Consumption-4.4 GPH Propane/400 CFH NG
Gas Connection-3/4” FNPT
Electrical-120 Volts 10 amp circuit
Fan-2,100 CFM 1/2” SP
Thermostat-Standard On/Off 110 degree max
Temp Rise 200°F @ 0ºF Ambient
Rated Efficiency 80%
Shipping Dimensions-60”L x 24”W x 45”H
Duct Size-12” (up to 50’ straight)
Approx. Weight 400 lbs.

The Heat Wagon VG400 Indirect (Natural Gas or Propane)Heater is a highly efficient device that provides a large volume of 100% clean, dry, and fume free warm air. This indirect heater will is optimal for use in temporary heating applications to dry paint, cure concrete, provide optimal conditions for spray-foam application, heat office buildings where the permanent heating system has failed, and large event tent heating. These 400,000 BTU heaters are heavily used in larger construction projects and water damage restoration because of their intense thermal rise and durability.  It is best for environments with limited ventilation like shops, event tents, mining, pipelines, exhibition halls, and construction sites. It can be used indoors with venting, or ducted in from outside using flexible ducting. If installed indoor, the flue must be vented to the outdoors by an HVAC professional.  The VG400 is a “workhorse” made by Heat Wagon, which is located in Valparaiso, IN. To view a video on the Heat Wagon VG 400, click here.



Input:                       400,000 BTU/Hr
Fuel:                          Vapor Propane/Natural Gas Gas Consumption 4.4 GPH  Propane/400 CFH NG
Gas Connection:     3/4” FNPT
Electrical:                120 Volts 10 amp circuit Fan 2,100 CFM 1/2” SP
Thermostat:            Standard On/Off Temp Rise 200°F @ 0ºF Ambient
Rated Efficiency     80%
Shipping Dim.        60”L x 24”W x 45”H Duct Size 12” (up to 50’ straight)
Approx. Weight      400 lbs.

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