L.B. White Foreman 750 Dual Fuel Heater (Propane/NG)
Heat Wagon VG1100 Propane/Natural Gas Heater

Heat Wagon 1800B Direct-Fired Heater, Propane/Natural Gas 750,000 BTUs


Heat Wagon 1800B Direct-Fired Heater, can be fueled with natural gas or propane; 750,000 BTUs of heat that can be ducted or used as a make-up air system. Free shipping to lower 48 states, commercial location with dock or forklift. Residential shipping or liftgate will carry additional charge. For custom discounted multi-unit pricing, please call 833-401-3569, or email [email protected]. In stock and ready to ship!

Gas Hose and Regulator Install Kit 25' 3/4" diameter gas hose with single-stage high pressure regulator, fittings, and thread sealant

Ultra High-Temp Flexible Duct 20" diameter, 10' length ducting, 1200 degree F rated material


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The Heat Wagon 1800B Direct-Fired Heater is 750,000 BTUs and capable of being ducted 50′. This high-quality heater has onboard diagnostics, saving time for users in the field; allowing them to quickly assess field issues such as low fuel and low voltage supplies. The blower produces a powerful 4,200 CFM of airflow with a high-temperature rise to overcome the toughest of conditions.

Heat Wagon 1800B Key Features:

  • Dual fuel – changes from vapor propane to natural gas with the turn of a valve
  • High-temp rise
  • 750,000 BTUs
  • 4,200 CFM
  • CSA approved
  • Can be utilized as a make-up air unit
  • Efficient motor reduces amp draw and is rated to run on standard 15 amp circuit
  • Remote (50’ long) thermostat with Hi/Lo/Off control
  • 12” wheels make for easy handling
  • Relays pull in and hold tight down to 95V
  • Ductable up to 50 ft.
  • Upgraded heater control board
  • starts heater with low voltage down to 95V
  • potted control board minimizes moisture and vibration
  • Diagnostic troubleshooting lights

This heater is commonly used on larger construction sites due to its high BTU capacity and airflow. The Heat Wagon 1800B can be placed outside of the site and ducted in using 20″ high-temperature canvas ducting. It can also be placed inside the space and used as a make-up air system. Additionally, it is easily stored and transported.

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Input 750,000 – 450,000BTU/Hr
  • Vapor Propane
  • Natural Gas
Fuel Consumption
  • 8.3 GPH Propane
  • 750 CFH NG
Gas Connection 3/4” FNPT
  • 120 Volts, 15 Amp circuit
Fan 4,200 CFM
Thermostat 2 Stage Hi/Lo/Off w/50’Remote
Temp Rise 385 degrees
Weight 200 lbs.
  • 31.5″H x 48.5″L x 26″W
L.B. White Foreman 750 Dual Fuel Heater (Propane/NG)
Heat Wagon VG1100 Propane/Natural Gas Heater