Why and How Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work

Bed bugs proliferate into areas we all frequent (movie theaters, doctor’s offices, hotels, etc.). They continue to be a growing problem in multi-family residential living, such as housing authorities and lodging establishments throughout the United States. Unfortunately, this has created many challenges and financial strains on property managers and homeowners as they fight to eliminate the problem.

Heat treatments have become the fastest and most efficient method of eradicating bed bugs and helping stave the spread. Learn how successful and efficient bed bug removal businesses can be when using the correct heat treatment equipment.

Heat Kills Bed Bugs, Fast.

The consensus among university and field studies has repeatedly shown that temperatures of 113 degrees or greater will eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Desired exposure temperatures of 120 degrees or greater reduce the exposure time needed to kill the bug. For instance, 130 degrees will kill an adult bed bug in approximately one minute and the eggs in less than five.

Using heat reduces the amount of preparation involved in preparing the home and kills chemical-resistant bugs where ever they are. This allows infested items to become bed bug-free in a matter of minutes.

Property management firms, some hotels, and affordable housing entities that can afford it have purchased commercial bed bug heat equipment to offset the cost of treating. Those who cannot justify the cost turn to pest removal companies. By adding a heat treatment package, these pest control businesses have discovered an easy way to achieve same-day elimination of a bed bug infestation, creating a quick turnaround time for their clients.

ThermalFlows’ Commercial Bed Bug Heaters

There are countless successes produced with Thermal Flow Technologies’ bed bug heat equipment and training programs. Hundreds of pest control companies have benefited from our training, allowing them to quickly be able to offer heat treatment for those suffering from an infestation of bed bugs in their community. We have a collection of propane, diesel, and electric bed bug heaters for sale, everything from single-room to multi-room treatment sizes.

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