Why and How Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work

Bed bugs are proliferating into areas where we all frequent (movie theaters, doctor offices, hotels, etc.), and they are continuing to be a growing problem in multi-family residential living, such as housing authorities and lodging establishments throughout the United States. This, unfortunately has created a lot of challenges and financial strains on property managers as they fight to eliminate the problem.

Heat treatments have become the fastest and most efficient method of eradicating bed bugs and help stave the spread. The following article will explain why and how bed bug heat treatments work.

General consensus among university and field studies have repeatedly shown that temperatures of 113 degrees or greater will eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Desired exposure temperatures of 120 degrees or greater reduces the exposure time needed to kill the bug. For instance, 130 degrees will kill an adult bed bug in approximately one minute, and the eggs in less than five.

The use of heat reduces the amount of preparation involved, and eliminates chemical-resistant bugs. The challenge with heat treatments is the cost to pay for them. The premium service has an associated higher price tag for a skilled professional to perform the treatment, as it typically is a full-day service. As a result, numerous property management firms and affordable housing entities have purchased bed bug heat equipment to offset the cost to treat, while achieving same-day elimination and preventing further spread throughout their properties.


There are countless successes produced with Thermal Flow Technologies’ bed bug heat equipment and training programs. Maintenance directors of housing authorities located all over the United States have saved tens of thousands of dollars by using their own equipment, and have been able to fight back to keep the problem from spreading. When they find an infestation, they are able to treat it quickly and knock the problem out in one day’s time!

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