800 Recirculating Propane Bed Bug Heater
400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater

1500SD Recirculating Propane Bed Bug Heater

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One-of-a-kind, fully recirculating propane bed bug heater with the lowest fuel consumption rate in the bed bug remediation industry. Treats up to 1200 sq. ft. of occupied spaces.

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 Product Features:

  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Discrete Operation
  • Continuous Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • Precise Safety and Temperature Controls
  • Made in the USA

VERY IMPORTANT: Cold weather, poorly insulated rooms, vaulted ceilings, and concrete walls/floors may impact the time required to achieve kill temperatures (120º-140ºF) as well as the capacity of the heater. Please take exact measurements of your space before ordering this product. If your treatment space is larger than 1200 sq ft, even slightly, this heater may NOT ACHIEVE the above referenced recommended temperature range. Please seek a larger capacity heater from our list on the previous page.  

The 1500SD is an innovative technology designed to eradicate bed bugs. It’s the first commercial system specifically designed to operate from within the treatment space, utilizing liquid propane fuel. The heater is mobile and rolls right into the infested area; it transports through small elevators and narrow hallways easily.

The heater plugs into a standard 110/120 VAC outlet and pro­vides 150,000 BTU/HR of heat capacity utilizing standard 20lb propane tanks. These are the same tanks used on home BBQ grills and are readily available at local hardware stores. Digital temperature controls make setting the target temperature easy and safe. A simple ON/OFF operation allows the system to hold the desired treatment temperature within a few degrees. This technology provides high heat capacity to quickly treat the infested area and has built-in temperature, airflow, and flame monitoring. Continuous Carbon Monoxide monitoring provides fast system shut down in the event of elevated CO levels in the treatment space. Includes: (1) Fresh Air Fan Module, (1) 50′ Gas Hose, and (1) 3 Tank Manifold

PLEASE NOTE: Power requirements are (1) 15 amp circuit breaker/standard wall outlet. Heater requires (3) 20lb propane cylinders, sold separately. We also recommend the use of (6) High Temperature, Axial Air Movers and (2) Low Profile Air Movers to ensure optimal heat penetration throughout your space. Click here for the complete 1200 Sq. Ft. Recirculating Propane Bed Bug Package.

Whether you’re a pest control professional, or a homeowner, you can rest assured this heater will get the job done. Bed bug heat treatments eliminate all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including the eggs. If you have not had success with chemical treatments, or are looking for a faster way to achieve being bed bug free, this heater is the answer. In addition, our staff has completed thousands of treatments, and personally use this equipment in the field. Rest assured, you’re not just purchasing equipment, you’re getting the support of experienced professionals in the industry! Click to learn more about Industrial Heaters.


Additional information

Weight258 lbs
Dimensions27 × 31 × 50 in

Product Specifications

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5 reviews for 1500SD Recirculating Propane Bed Bug Heater

  1. Troy Staponski

    I purchased the sleep tight and I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with the product. I specifically use it for high rise apartment units. I’m very impressed with how much heat it puts out for using such a small amount of propane. The temperature control unit works flawlessly! I highly recommend thermal flow technologies they have the best customer service and are very reliable!

  2. Angel Rivera

    This is my baby!!!!!! I have owned this machine since the day it first hit the market. I was officially the first person to ever use this in a paid heat treatment and I have successfully completed close to 200 treatments with this machine and so fr no issues at all. It uses little propane. It is completely safe to run in a high rise or even a home. This machine is great for colder temp locations that are hard to get temperature rise. I Love my sleeptight

  3. Matt Davidson

    I loved it soooo much I got a second one. My team puts this thing through hard trials. The power is terrible in the area I service so we turned to the sleeptight and haven’t turned back. The unit keeps the neighbors from even seeing a treatment is taking place (unless they see you unload or load it). I recommend the sleeptight every chance I can. This is a great little work horse that will help you get to kill temps fast!

  4. Charles roberts

    Love my sleep tights! The folks at thermal flow are the best!

  5. Tony Scudiero

    Just used it in our first room. Awesome. Very easy to use. Called David and he walked us through it. Thank you for everything.

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800 Recirculating Propane Bed Bug Heater
400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater

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