Building A Bed Bug Heat Treatment Room For Bed Bug Elimination

Bed bugs are insidious, creepy creatures. They can nestle into every room corner and are infamous for being difficult to eliminate. For places that see a variety of people come and go, like temporary living spaces, shelters, halfway homes, and assisted living facilities, the chance of a bed bug infestation is higher and can be devastating. 

Building a bedbug heat treatment room for bed bug elimination can be invaluable to help stop the spread of and eliminate these pests. Heat treatment rooms are places you can put things like blankets, furniture, mattresses, clothes, etc., that you suspect are infested with bed bugs. The items are then blasted with heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This is a relatively fast process, with bed bugs dying within 20 minutes and their eggs reaching 100% mortality at 90 minutes at 118 degrees Fahrenheit with direct exposure. However, it’s important to note, if direct exposure is not possible, additional time may be required to allow the lethal temperatures to penetrate the items in which the bugs and their eggs are located. 

What type of materials are needed to build out a bed bug heat treatment room?

Selecting building materials are essential during the planning stages of building a heat treatment room.  Suitable materials are necessary to accommodate a high-temperature heat range.   

  • Drywall walls/ceiling
  • Indoor/outdoor carpet 
  • No exposed concrete
  • Standard 8’ ceiling height
  • Manageable room size – recommend 300 sq ft or smaller

How much power should I plan for?

The amount of power required is based on the type of heater you plan to use.  The higher the capacity of the heater – the more energy is needed.  

How to treat belongings in a bed bug heat treatment room

Place infested items and furnishings within the treatment room, spreading them throughout the space to allow air circulation. Make sure there is no loose clutter that can be subject to air movement. The best practice for treating mattresses or box springs would be to separate them and lean up against the wall. Extend recliners and remove cushions from chairs or couches if possible. 

Here is a Preparation Checklist that includes what you should and should not remove from the room for successful heat treatment.

Get the right heat treatment equipment for your heat treatment room

Thermal Flow Technologies have experts in heat treatment equipment who can help you select the right equipment for your needs. Call us or chat with us today for help selecting the best bed bug solution for your organization.

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