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300 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package

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Electric Bed Bug Heater Package capable of treating up to 300 sqft of occupied spaces.  Simple, effective, and easy to use.  The heater and fan plugs into standard 110v wall outlets.  SHIPS FREE to the contiguous United States!



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300 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Package contains:

(1) Eliminator Elite Electric Bed Bug Heater 20,000 BTU
(4) 12 gauge extension cords (2-50′, 2-25′)
(1) SS 1.8 Axial Air Mover 
(1) Infrared thermometer

Eliminator Elite Electric Bed Bug Heater, 20,000 BTU Product Features:

  • Treats up to 300 sqft of occupied spaces with 8′ ceilings
  • Simple-to-use
  • Plugs into standard wall outlets
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Can achieve 140 degrees F

VERY IMPORTANT: Please note, electric bed bug heaters generally require one to several hours to reach kill temperatures (120º-140ºF); cold weather, poorly insulated rooms, vaulted ceilings, concrete walls/floors, and inadequate power supply may also impact the time required to achieve kill temperatures as well as the capacity of the heater. Please take exact measurements of your space before ordering this product. If your treatment space is larger than 300 sqft, even slightly, this heater may NOT ACHIEVE the above referenced recommended temperature range. Please seek a larger capacity heater from our list on the previous page.

The 300 sqft Electric Bed Bug Package is capable of treating mid-sized rooms/bedrooms 275-300 sqft with 8′ ceilings. The Eliminator Elite 20,000 BTU is a premier 120 volt electric heater designed for maximum heat with a minimal footprint. The heater contains 4 independently operating heater circuits, each of which draws 12 amps. Each circuit adds 5,092 BTUs of heat. The heater has a high-velocity fan built into the housing to quickly distribute heated air throughout the treatment area. All heaters have redundant safeties including thermal cutouts, and built-in digital thermostatic controls. It’s superior molding allows for stacking with the Elite SS fan, or the Eliminator Elite 52k heater. The Elite SS Axial Air Mover ensures optimal heat penetration throughout your space and the Infrared Thermometer is used to verify that every square inch of the space has reached your desired temperature. This package also includes all of the extension cords needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Power Requirements = (5) 15 amp circuit breakers, or (3) 15 amp and (2) 20 amp circuit breakers. 

Whether you’re a pest control professional, or a homeowner, you can rest assured this heater will get the job done. Bed bug heat treatments eliminate all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including the eggs. If you have not had success with chemical treatments, or are looking for a faster way to achieve being bed bug free, this heater is the answer. In addition, our staff has completed thousands of treatments, and personally use this equipment in the field. Rest assured, you’re not just purchasing equipment, you’re getting the support of experienced professionals in the industry! Click to learn more about our other Bed Bug Packages.

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12 reviews for 300 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package

  1. Shannon (verified owner)

    The Thermal System I purchased was expensive but worth the investment. It worked perfectly. The only thing I wished it had was all 100ft cords. The two-50ft cord were not long enough so I had to purchase two additional cords for the length I needed.

  2. Steve

    I was skeptical but desperate trying to stop our bed bug’s attack. I’ve used the local pest control companies numerous times but it never solved my problem just more like put a bandaid on it. This Heater Package really did the job though. it took a bit to get the hang of it on placement and preparation but was well worth it in the end. This machine really does a stupendous job and I highly recommend it and would purchase again if needed. $1800 for this machine or $2250 for a full house pest company treatment that doesn’t work. no brainer, right

  3. Rodney D BRODIS

    Did the job! Thank you.

  4. Lionel Whiteside (verified owner)

    One treatment and bugs were gone well worth the money

  5. Robert Boykin (verified owner)

    It works very well. I am afraid of poisons, tend to put the stuff in my bed, witch is bad. Got remote temperature sensors that saves me a lot of grief. The package equipment knocks them down HARD. I am impressed of the quality of the equipment, heavy duty stuff.

  6. Jen (verified owner)

    It’s super easy to use.plus I love I don’t have to think of these pest..its been 3 weeks n not single sign..love it

  7. EDWARD RAY WORKINS (verified owner)

    Well set up was easy once I got the machines gone and the room got up to about 90°, I started seeing bed bugs running around acting scared and then about an hour later I went back in the room and they were only able to crawl maybe a half an inch you could tell they were dying and so far so good I’m going to treat each room probably two or three times it’s nice being able to have the equipment

  8. John Church

    Hi future customer, if you have found you have Bed Bugs it is a bad day. I own a mobile home park and recently had a tenant tell me that they have them. I went to the grocery store and bought some Hot shot spray and sprayed everything. It kills the bugs you find but 90% you will never see. One day a little while later I felt something on my face when I was sleeping . I turned on the lights at about 4am and saw Bed Bugs of all sizes running for their hiding place. I freaked out and realize that I might have brought them to my tenants unit instead of the opposite. I talked to a friend that has paid a professional to get rid of them in a small house at the cost of $4000.00. They enclosed his house in a tent and he had to rent a motel room for 4 days. I read everything I could about getting a reasonable solution where if /when they come back I could kill them. The best way to kill the bugs,eggs not have to worry about more coming back in the future was a very high quality heating system. I bought the unit I am giving this review on and baked his unit for 7 hours at 131 degrees. The heat kills them (Thank God) at 113 but to get the heat into the walls you need to bake as long as you can. This unit is the “real deal” and not a toy . It is very well made and has commercial grade internal breaker. I have killed the bugs (all bugs,fleas,cockroaches and spiders at this temperature. I have now found that 2 other tenants have bugs also ,so that means it the coast per unit is going down. Even if you have just one house or mobile home this less than $2000.00 investment is the only real solution. I also bought another product to use that offers a 10 year long term solution if one decides to come in to my home again. I bought it from a friend who had a pallet .It is called CimeX Insecticide dust. I put this under my mattress and under the cushion on my couch. When the bugs walk/run though it it cuts their bellies a nd kills them over a period of time.It is a maintenance product but not the nuclear bomb that the heaters are. The really big plus about the heaters is there are no chemicals and almost no real labor .If you got Bed Bugs and really want them gone it is going to cost close to $2000.00 but you will never have to pay again if you get them again.The sales girl was great (I know her name starts with a C ) and the shipping was free and fast.

  9. Tom Parnell

    Worked well feel like we isolated it to one room. Ran it 6 hours just in case. Machines very easy to set up. Happy with the results.

  10. Kripa

    One treatment on the first room and bugs were gone…. well worth the money
    thank you

  11. Khalid Alomari

    I tried too many things to treat bed bugs the only way to get rid of them is THERMALFLOW , it is easy and Accurate

  12. Henry Liu (verified owner)

    Sturdy, easy to use, performs as advertised.

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180 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package
400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package For Homes

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