Best Indoor Propane Heaters For Climate Control

Temperatures are dropping, meaning those on construction sites, in house-building projects, or working in a large warehouse will need to secure a heat source soon. Propane heaters can be used indoors for climate control, but some key differences must be considered when considering which would be the best for your job. 

Which Indoor Propane Heaters Are Safe For Indoor Use? 

The main issue for people looking for a heater that can be used indoors is that propane heaters, while delivering excellent climate control, can be dangerous to be used in an enclosed area. So are there any propane heaters that can be used indoors? The simple answer is yes; however, they must be the right kind of heater and condition. Propane heaters must be in a well-ventilated room, with carbon monoxide monitors nearby. Our ST 800 Indoor Propane Heater has continuous carbon monoxide monitoring and extremely low emissions. This saves workers the hassle of checking whether the emissions are getting too high and keeps them focused on the job.  

What Indoor Propane Heaters Are Easiest to Set Up? 

When at a worksite, you want to be able to spend a minimal amount of time setting up a climate control system, leaving more time for workers to get the actual job done. Many indoor propane heaters require a complex setup, with vents and outdoor access for exhaust fumes. The ST 800 Indoor Propane Heater can be plugged into a single 110/120 VAC outlet and provides up to 80,000 BTU/HR heat capacity. No outdoor access is required as this unit creates minimal emissions. Likewise, the 250,000 BTU Tent Heater Bundle Dual-Fuel is a portable unit with a low emission rate. This single-fuel propane heat system has an enclosed flame and intuitive temperature controls. This differs from other heaters in that they are often complicated to use, with hard-to-understand temperature controls that require training for the layperson.

Which Indoor Propane Heater Is the Most Powerful? 

Big jobs require a more robust heater. While there are some heaters like the 85,000 BTU Propane Tent Heater and the 190,000 BTU Propane Tent Heater that are small enough to maneuver inside of buildings, there are also heaters that can be placed outside but are attached to the building, thereby not taking up indoor space but still offering relief from the cold. The IDH 1000 Turnkey Heat Trailer is an outdoor unit that can supply heat to construction and job sites. Unlike other industrial heaters on the market, this heater has two of the industry’s most potent heaters onboard, boasting 4,800CFM each and an 8kW genset, ensuring that it is one of the most effective, self-contained heating systems one can have. 

Which Indoor Propane Heater Is the Best One? 

The best answer to this question is that the best heater is the one that fits the job. Thermal Flow Technologies has technicians to help you decide which one you will need for your current and future needs. Regardless of what indoor propane heater you need, we offer top-quality models with all the accessories required. We have strategic partnerships with manufacturers across the country and can ensure fast delivery of the equipment when and where you need it. Check out the rest of our Propane Heaters, or Contact Us to speak to a professional today. 

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