Thermal Flow Portable Industrial Heaters

Portable industrial heaters are ideal for restaurant owners, event planners, on-site construction teams, and anyone who needs a safe, reliable heat source. Our portable industrial heaters come in four types to meet any application.

Direct Fired Heaters 
Best for the heating of enclosed spaces such as event tents, direct fired heaters burn clean and are the perfect size. Pictured below is our HS 250,000 BTU dual-fuel direct-fired heater. This portable industrial heater has an enclosed flame, yet provides 100% efficiency to heat a variety of spaces. The blowers are quiet, and do not overwhelm the space with noise. These systems are thermostatically controlled and have very clean combustion properties.

event tent heater, box heater, direct-fired

Indirect Fired Heaters 
Available in propane and diesel, these heaters are ideal for situations that call for no exposed flames or fumes. They also have stronger blower systems, which are ideal on construction projects where longer runs of ducting are generally required. The heaters can be placed inside and flue gases exhausted out of the space if additional security is required onsite. The heaters can also sit outside in rainy or snowy conditions.

indirect fired heater, portable industrial heater

Infrared Heaters 
These heaters, suitable for open spaces, provide warm, radiated heat. Infrared portable industrial heaters are commonly used in events using tents that have no sidewalls, concerts, outdoor construction projects, airplane hangers, among others.

commercial infrared heater

Electric Heaters 
For applications that do not allow fossil fuels on-site, electric heaters are your best bet. The Heatstar 40 kW heater pictured below is a portable industrial heater that can be used in applications with 3-phase power. The heater is ductable and thermostatically controlled. We have multiple electric heat options, including ranges from 4kW to 150kW.

40kW Electric Construction Heater, 3-Phase Portable Industrial Heater

Let us help you choose the right product for your specific needs. Contact an industrial heating professional today.

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