X-3400A Variable Speed Air Scrubber
X-Power XD-165L LGR Dehumidifier with Handle/Wheels

X-3580 5-Speed 4-Stage Air Scrubber


XPOWER X-3580 Professional 4-Stage HEPA Air Scrubber


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The XPOWER X-3580 Air Scrubber is a commercial grade air filtration system with Four Stages of Filtration to promote a healthy environment cleaned of harmful airborne contaminants such as hair, dander, pet allergens, mold, and bacteria. The two outermost nylon mesh filters capture 90% of medium to large contaminants such as hair and can easily be removed and hand washed. The 3rd stage of filtration is composed of activated carbon which effectively absorbs and neutralizes a wide range of odors and other pollutants. The final stage of filtration is a 1.4 inch thick HEPA filter which filters out 99.97% of 0.3-micron sized particulates as well as other particulate sizes including bacteria, allergens, and sub-micron sized dust. A convenient indicator light notifies you when the HEPA filter needs replacement. Running at an energy efficient 2.8 amp draw, the cost-effective X-3580 features a powerful high torque 1/3 HP motor that can sanitize the air in up to 1,500 sq. ft. With a 5 speed controls, you have the flexibility to run the unit on a quiet low speed during working hours and then ramp up the speed to run the purifier overnight. Customers will benefit from an odor free environment that is free of harmful pollutants that can contribute to and aggravate conditions such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, and other respiratory diseases. Link your XPOWER X-3580 air purifier with the XD125 Refrigerant Dehumidifier for optimum performance, reduced humidity, and decreasing drying times up to 30%.

Compatible Replacement Filters for the X-3580 5-Speed 4-Stage Air Scrubber:

1st Stage Filter – 12″ Diameter Outer Nylon Mesh Filter
2nd Stage Filter – 16″x16″ Washable Nylon Mesh Filter
3rd Stage Filter – 16″x16″x1.4″ Thick Activated Carbon Filter
4th Stage Filter – 16″x16″x1.4″ Thick HEPA Filter


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