ThermalFlow Provides Industrial Heaters for Insulation Workers

As you know, it’s not easy to work in cold weather. Whether you’re shingling a roof or insulating a house from within, your work is difficult enough without the elements making it more difficult. In addition to cold weather, you may not be able to spray or install insulation due to elevated moisture content in the framing materials. Below, we will explore some industrial heaters for insulation workers to assist with preparation and proper installation of 

For companies that install spray foam insulation, we have a portable industrial heater that can make it easier to do your best work for your clients and property owners. In fact, our indirect heaters have become the heater of choice for workers in the industry. Here’s why. 

Indirect-Fired Heaters for Insulation Workers

First of all, our indirect-fired heaters for insulation do not add moisture to your space. This helps you avoid condensation issues as you apply insulation. 

Second, heating a space with an indirect-fired heater will help speed the drying process of structural materials and insulation products. It will provide two major benefits: speeding evaporation of moisture, and evacuating it through forced air. 

You won’t miss work days or experience project delays due to the cold or adverse weather conditions. This means more money in your pocket. 

Finally, there are studies that show increased production in environments that are climate controlled. It makes sense. It’s hard to work when your fingers are frozen and your teeth are chattering! 

Electric Heaters and Dehumidification as an Option for Insulation Workers

Here’s How Our Best Selling Heaters Work 

Our all-in-one heater package supplies your team with each of the necessary components to quickly set up your heater, safely transport it, and perform general maintenance to ensure reliable performance. 

Our industrial heaters offer contractors and restoration franchisees the advantage of portable heat with our Premium Indirect Fired Heater. The innovation of our Indirect-fired Forced Air Heaters lies in the four pass chamber heating design built to capture as much heat as possible and exchange it with the blown air to heat the environment. This Indirect heater will supply your team with ducted, clean, heated air to dry paint, cure concrete, or restore entire homes from water damage.

How Can Thermal Flow Assist You? 

ThermalFlow industrial heaters give you more bang for your buck. We’re ready and able to offer products, training, and more to help you help your team. 

If you would like additional information about our products, the experts at Thermal Flow are just a phone call away. We’re happy to recommend tools and techniques, go over your options with you, and give you tips from the pros.