The Benefits of Bed Bug Training Classes

Bed bug training classes are more available than they have ever been, due to the continuing surge of cases in the United States. The primary focus of these classes are geared towards understanding the biology, behavior, and different eradication methods. Thermal Flow Technologies incorporates these components in classes, but takes it a step further by teaching hands-on bed bug heat treatment training with propane bed bug heaters, diesel bed bug heaters, and electric bed bug heaters. We teach with a variety of technologies to provide our trainees a well-rounded understanding of all tools used in the heat treatment process. This helps students identify and avoid potential damage caused by heat treatments, teaches them how to safely operate equipment, and how to pick the best piece of equipment for whatever structure they treat.

Propane bed bug heaters and diesel bed bug heaters are excellent choices to heat larger structures up more quickly. However, the increased heat creates a greater potential for damage if the technician does not understand how to properly monitor and control the heat. Our bed bug heat treatment training class helps the technician identify materials that are susceptible to higher temperatures, prepare for heat treatments, how to use wireless monitoring devices, and much more. Our class is geared to produce the most educated professional in the field.

In closing, the benefits of training classes are numerous. However, there are some key benefits that stick out: 1) Using the right equipment in the right situation increases efficiency 2) Helps avoids costly damage to structures and their contents, avoiding thousands in potential losses 3) Arms technicians with knowledge to tackle the most difficult treatments 4) Gives consumers/clients confidence to select your organization because technicians are formally trained. For more information on upcoming bed bug training classes at our facilities, please contact our staff members at 833-401-3569.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Training