Portable Construction Heaters: What is the Most Effective Solution for Heating Large Spaces?

Construction work is often fraught with challenges at almost every corner. From project conception to implementation, it is with good planning as well as flexibility that construction projects have the most success. When your jobsite requires a portable construction heater to support its efforts, we at Thermal Flow can help you find the perfect solution.

LB White Foreman 750, 750,000 BTU indirect-fired heater, portable diesel construction heater

For more information on portable construction heaters, or any other type of industrial heater contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the best options for your portable standalone and trailer mounted heater needs.

The Best Portable Construction Heater Solution

Foremen commonly run into challenges when providing temporary heat to large spaces due to issues like access to the site, power supply, noise restrictions, environmental concerns, extreme weather conditions, and more. Because of these difficulties, trailer mounted heaters tend to be the most sensible solution to supply a jobsite with dependable heat.

Portable Construction Heaters & Trailer Mounted Heaters

Providing temporary space heat to jobsites up to 20,000 sq ft., our Full Turnkey 800,000 BTU Pro Series Heat Trailer with Onboard Fuel System and Power Generation is ideal for a multitude of applications. Regardless of the conditions, these units will provide the maximum amount of heat and efficiently heat large structures and jobsites. The system has an onboard 299-gallon diesel tank, 8kW Kubota high-performance generator and pre-wired GFIs. The trailer includes two 400,000 BTU Pro Series Diesel Heaters with side duct discharge ports and can duct up to 150โ€™ if necessary. To better fit your requirements, you have an option between 2 single 16โ€ diameter discharge ports or 2 dual 12โ€ diameter charge ports.

This industrial construction heater is indirect-fired, meaning the trailer can be left unattended as there are no exposed flames or fumes – nor do site overseers need to worry about adjusting the gas flow to control the temperature thanks to the high-temperature on/off thermostat.

Additional features of the 800,000 BTU Pro Series Turnkey Heat Trailer include:

  • Control box with supply voltage display to avoid faulty power sources
  • Redundant safeties built into the trailer, which include a high-temp limit switch, an airflow switch, and a flame detector
  • Engine with:
    • Battery-charging alternator
    • Heavy duty radiator
    • Air cleaner
    • Turnkey ignition with an electric start

When it comes to portable construction heaters, this model serves all purposes and meets all needs.

Why Come to Thermal Flow Technologies for Your Industrial Construction Heater Needs?

At Thermal Flow Technologies, we are well versed in all forms of heat technology including heat trailers and everything needed for industrial heating and airflow. With years of experiences under our belt, we can help you get the equipment you need for your construction jobsite. We offer top-quality solutions that will provide optimal performance. We also maintain partnerships with manufacturers across the nation to ensure fast delivery to our customers so your project should not experience any delays. Whatever kind of industrial heating equipment you need to be successful on your project, we will help get you there.

Learn More About Our Portable Construction Heaters

For more information about the portable construction heaters we can offer for your jobsite, give us a call. We can answer any questions you might have and discuss the best choice when it comes to industrial heater options and your construction site project needs.

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