A Guide to Killing Bed Bugs with Heat

Guide to Killing Bed Bugs with Heat

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner looking to eradicate a frustrating bed bug problem, or a pest control professional expanding into heat treatments, killing bed bugs with heat has never been easier. With recent advancements in heating technology, many high-quality cost-effective options are now available. It is a matter of finding the right tools and combining them with proper instruction. Once both are in place, chances of success are high.

While some prefer chemical treatments, killing bed bugs with heat has a few advantages over these other approaches. Heat treatments generally work in only one service, unlike chemical approaches, which can take up to several treatments over the course of a month. In moderate to heavy cases of bed bug infestations, chemical treatments have a higher likelihood of failure altogether. Bed bugs are continually developing resistance to even the highest-performing chemicals on the market, making heat a preferred method for quick elimination of bed bugs. Furthermore, when killing bed bugs with heat, there is no need for chemicals, since heated air can permeate into wall voids, cracks, and crevices where bed bugs may harborage.

At Thermal Flow Technologies, we have been perfecting the art of killing bed bugs with heat, and are happy to offer both top of the line products for heat treatments as well as training on how to treat for bed bugs effectively. Contact us either online or by phone at 833-401-3569 to find out more about killing bed bugs with industrial heaters.

Killing Bed Bugs with Heat: How It Works

Tips for Killing Bed Bugs with Heat

Heat treatments work by raising the temperature in your home, work space, hotel, or office to above 120° F; preferably between 125°F-140°F. At this temperature, adult bed bugs and eggs can be eradicated quickly, provided the bed bugs and their eggs have direct exposure to the lethal temperatures. It is important to make sure the proper temperatures are maintained long enough to kill all the bugs — as even one or two survivors can cause continued problems. Proper stratification of air via the use of air movers will distribute heat to the cracks and crevices throughout the structure, dramatically increasing the likelihood of one-time success. With chemical treatments, however, small cracks, covered areas, and other obstacles often allow a few bugs to escape, and in turn continued population growth.

Tools You Need for Heat Treatments

To start killing bed bugs with heat, the first step is to choose a heater powerful enough to get your space to the desired temperature and keep it there. Be leery of other suppliers overstating the capabilities of their equipment; as you will need approximately 8-12 BTUs per cubic foot, and double the amount for concrete structures and forced-air systems. For DIY projects, we recommend electric bed bug heaters which are easier to use than propane, diesel, or kerosene options and pose less risk of heat damage as well. For professionals, we offer propane bed bug heater and diesel-indirect models that are ideal for treating a bigger space. All the versions we stock are safety-tested, certified, have no exposed flame, and do not produce fumes within the heated area.

In addition to the heater itself, you will need air movers and other equipment to deliver heated air where it needs to go, as well as measure temperature to ensure lethal temperatures are achieved everywhere. Knowing specifically what you need can be a question with potentially several answers, which is one reason we provide complete packages for killing bed bugs with heat based on space size, with electric, propane, and diesel-indirect bed bug heater options. These bed bug heater systems include heaters, air movers, and even digital temperature sensors so you can avoid cold or hot spots.

Get Trained by Professionals on How To Kill Bed Bugs with Heat

Not sure where to go from here? The Thermal Flow Technologies team also provides training for both professionals and end users. All users, including homeowners receive heat treatment checklists, and general treatment instructions with all equipment purchases. We can teach you how to operate this equipment safely, conduct bed bug heat treatments effectively, and how to detect early warning signs that you might have an infestation. Contact us either online or by phone at 833-401-3569 and ask about our industrial heaters to get started.