Bed Bug Treatment Options for Camps

Camps and retreats are a great way for people to disconnect and getaway to nature. Unfortunately, they are also not exempt from having bed bugs introduced to their lodging areas; as is the case with hotels or any other establishment that has high people volume. Bed bugs are typically introduced by guests when they bring in items from home containing bed bugs. Thankfully,  Thermal Flow Technologies has bed bug treatment options for camps that are discreet, considerate of cost, and highly effective for killing bed bugs.
Camps can take preventative measures to help keep bed bugs from entering lodging areas. Some camps we’ve worked with have set up heat chambers, and have heated guests’ belongings prior to allowing them into their cabins. Others have worked with canine scent detection teams to inspect the belongings as they arrive at the camp.
Heat Drying, Bed bug heater for camps
Additional steps that camps can take include implementing a monitoring program by using active lure traps to draw bed bugs out of their harborages. Housekeeping staff can also visually inspect mattresses and bed frames after guests depart. If the camp is able to get a staff member licensed through the state, preventative chemical applications can also be employed to potentially eliminate a small issue before it gets out of hand. Further tips can be found on the American Camp Association website by clicking here.
In the event bed bugs are detected, heat treatments are an excellent bed bug remediation option for camps looking to quickly eliminate bed bugs the same day, and return the lodging area back to service. Typical treatments can take 4-8 hours if following our guidelines for sizing bed bug heat packages. Rest assured that all of our equipment is approved by top-tier certification bodies to ensure safe and effective delivery of bed bug heat treatments. For more information on our bed bug heaters for camps, or onsite training services, please feel free to contact us at 833-401-3569 or email [email protected]

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