Choosing a Commercial Heater

Choosing a commercial heater that is suited for your structure can be a difficult task. The sheer quantity and variety of heater technologies available online may overwhelm and confound someone looking for temporary heaters for their business. This guide covers everything you need to know about the many types of heater systems and the structures that are most appropriate for them.

Portable Diesel Indirect-Fired Heaters

Diesel Indirect-Fired heaters such as the 500,000 BTU Indirect-fired diesel heater and the HVF210 Indirect-fired heater are ideal choices for harsh cold-weather environments, as they can operate in conditions as low as -40F. These heaters are an excellent option for trying to maintain healthy air quality as this technology only discharges fresh, fume-free heated air. 

Best Applications: Spray-foam projects, Tent Heat, General Construction, Aircraft Maintenance, Flood Restoration, Office Spaces, Process Pipe Drying, Confined-space heaters and many other temporary heating applications. 

At Thermal Flow Technologies, our heating packages include everything you need. Check out our commercial heater system packages to see what we have put together for you.

Flagro indirect fired heater

Portable Propane Indirect-Fired Heaters

Propane indirect-fired heaters, such as the Journeyman 360 Propane/NG and VG400 Propane/NG, are categorized as gas-fired heaters. These propane heaters require less maintenance than other types of heaters since they do not require filter changes or fuel nozzles, and they use a cleaner fuel source.

Gas-fired heaters are better suited to places with temperatures above 0 degrees Fahrenheit, as propane tanks frequently freeze during periods of low fuel, lowering the heater’s overall performance.

Thermal Flow Technologies’ portable propane heaters can be converted to natural gas. Natural gas is less expensive than propane and is non-freezing. Browse our assortment to discover the ideal heater for your facility.

Industrial Electric Heaters

Industrial electric heaters are ideal for areas that require a flameless source of heat. They can be employed in places with scarce fuel supplies. Electric heaters are ideal for spaces with restricted ventilation choices, such as office buildings, particularly those with fixed windows.

Bear in mind that electric heaters require a significant amount of power to function properly, which in some situations necessitates extra power generation.

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Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are an excellent alternative for heating outdoor places that cannot be adequately warmed, such as open tents, outdoor gatherings, and patios. They are effective because they transmit heat via electromagnetic wavelengths rather than air, which keeps people and objects warm even in the presence of strong winds. They are, however, constrained by the heater’s proximity to the object.

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Choosing A Commercial Heater to Heat Your Facility

After reading this guide to choosing a commercial heater, and you still have questions, contact our knowledgeable staff at Thermal Flow Technologies. We will not only assist you in selecting the appropriate heater for your business, but also in educating you on how to operate the equipment successfully. With a complete variety of commercial heaters and heating packages available, we will help you efficiently warm up your rooms.

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