on-site training & education services


We provide on-site training and education services to a multitude of end users such as Housing Authorities, Property Managers, Universities, Hotels, and other lodging establishments, just to name a few. Our approach focuses on functional and repeatable applications by your staff. We understand that insourcing bed bug heat treatment training programs requires simple-to-operate equipment, accompanied by simple processes. We provide customized training specific to your building, its power, and its contents. Our focus is to make the program a normal part your staff members’ day, minimizing interference on their daily activities, all while protecting your brand and saving you money.
Our trainers own bed bug businesses and have personally treated over 3000 structures, totaling 4,000,0000+ square feet. They will share their knowledge and experiences to aid in your success, as well as support you when challenging situations arise.

Please note, this training is NOT offered to pest control professionals or those looking to get into the bed bug remediation business.

Our training Programs Cover Topics Such As

Eliminator Elite 52K