ThermalFlow is Proud to Offer New KwiKool Products to our Customers

It may be fairly cool out now, but warmer weather is coming! When it does, you’ll be glad to have the latest in portable air conditioning technology on hand. At ThermalFlow, we’re proud to offer KwiKool products, including three new units! 

Why You Should Consider Portable Air Conditioning for Your Industry

A portable air conditioner can be useful for cooling warm environments on a temporary or long-term basis. Whether you need it for an event tent, workspace, or even disaster relief, these products are simple to use. Plus, most of the units we sell have small footprints and require standard wall outlets, so you can “plug and play.” Selecting the correct portable air conditioner will ensure that you are not undersized for your space. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect with portable cooling: 

  • No installation required: These units are simple to set up. All you need is an exit for the exhaust hose. 
  • Portable and convenient: Many portable air conditioners are lightweight enough to transport wherever you need extra cool air. 
  • Energy efficient: Compared to a central air conditioner or window unit, a portable air conditioner is much more energy efficient. 
  • Built-in dehumidifier: A spot cooler removes humidity from the air, ensuring a more comfortable environment. 

New Products Available Now 

  • The BioKool Series (KBIO-1411) features an exclusive 4-point “air therapy” process that cools, cleans, disinfects, and retards mold and microbe growth. You can clean 99.999% of particulates greater than .03 microns with this unit, all while controlling the temperature. The BioKool Series is easy to set up with “plug and play” technology. With hi-tech microprocessor controls, self-diagnostics, and plenty of other standard features, you can achieve the clean, cool space you need. 
  • The smallest unit available in KwiKool’s The Iceberg Series is the KWIB3021 2.5 ton AC unit. Portable, but with a full-featured design, this unit is the perfect solution for cooling server and IDF rooms. The KWIB3021 also features “plug and play” technology and packs plenty of performance in its small size. 
  • One of our most versatile units is the KPO 12-23 ton portable AC. The KPO Series includes KwiKool’s indoor/outdoor line of portable units. This one has an extremely small footprint, ideal for difficult applications and hard-to-reach spaces. The KPO Series offers advanced air flow capabilities, up to 75 feet cold air return and supply, and up to 100 feet of hot air exhaust ducting. 

Let ThermalFlow Help You Choose the Best AC Option for Your Needs

We’re happy to help you select the best cooling option for your space and application. Whether you’re planning for an event, cooling a room in your facility, or handling an emergency, you can count on our quality products and friendly service to get the job done. 

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6 Gauge, 100' extension cord

6 Gauge, 100' extension cord

6 Gauge, 100' extension cord

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