12 Gauge, 15' extension cord
GMS Power Distribution Box

GMS Power Distribution Kit


A power conversion box that distributes 220 volts / 30 amps to 4 – 115 volts / 15 amp circuit breakers, each with their own GFCI receptacle. Dryer and stove adapters along with a 30 amp extension cord and carrying case make this the perfect kit for residential use.


Add-ons total:


The GMS Power Distribution Kit can come in handy for residential projects. It uses 220 volts/30 amps from a dryer or stove outlet. The power box splits the power to 4 – 115 volt / 15amp circuit breakers that each have their own 2 plug GFCI receptacle.

This kit includes:

(1) 6’ new 4-wire dryer adapter
(1) 6’ old 3-wire dryer adapter
(1) 3’ new 4-wire stove adapter
(1) 3’ old 3-wire stove adapter
(1) 25’ 30amp extension cord
(1) carrying case

The extension cord has twist locks NEMA-L14-30 and can be used with a generator. Click here if you would like to purchase the GMS Power Distribution Box separately.




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12 Gauge, 15' extension cord
GMS Power Distribution Box

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