Eliminator Elite Electric Heater
60 kW Flagro Electric Heater

Eliminator Elite 52k Electric Heater


Powerful 230v Electric Heater for structural drying. The water removal rate is 48lbs of water per hour at full saturation. SHIPS FREE to the contiguous United States!



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Eliminator Elite 52k Electric Heater Product Features:

  • Includes (1) 50′ 8 gauge cord with a 3 or 4 prong stove plug
  • Includes (1) 50′ 10 gauge cord with a 3 or 4 prong dryer plug
  • The water removal rate is 48lbs/hr at full saturation.
  • Simple-to-use
  • Thermostatically controlled

The Eliminator Elite 52k is a premier electric heater designed for maximum heat with a minimal footprint. The heater contains 2 independent operating heater circuits, one of which is 50 amps, and the other 30 amps. The 50 amp side is capable of producing 32,736 Btus of heat, and the 30 amp circuit is capable of producing 19,641 Btus. The heater has a high-velocity fan built into the housing to quickly distribute heated air throughout the treatment area. Its superior molding allows for stacking with the Elite SS fan, or the Eliminator Elite 115v heater. The Eliminator Elite 52k is an ideal heater for use in single-family homes, apartments and a variety of other spaces that need structural drying.

PLEASE NOTE: Power requirements are (1) 30 amp circuit breaker-dryer, (1) 50 amp circuit breaker-stove (PLUG CHOICES SHOWN BELOW) and (1) 15 amp circuit breaker-standard wall outlet. If you do not have an electric dryer or stove available, a portable 17,500 watt generator or greater is required. For Professionals, choose 3 prong plug ends and see our 4 Wire Adapter Kit.

Our professional team has made all things related to heat treatment and airflow our expertise, and we are proud to provide a wide variety of portable heaters. Our staff has completed thousands of treatments, and personally use this equipment in the field. Rest assured, you’re not just purchasing equipment, you’re getting the support of experienced professionals in the industry! Regardless of what kind of portable heater you need, we offer top quality models with all of the accessories needed for optimal performance. We have found products that offer a good balance of both effectiveness, price and are reinforced for high volume use. In addition to heaters, we can help you find the right dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, and accessories for whatever drying environment you encounter. We have strategic partnerships with manufacturers across the country and can ensure fast delivery of disaster and water restoration equipment when and where you need it. Click to see our full line of Disaster Restoration Equipment and here to learn more about Heat Drying.

Additional information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 23 × 23 in
Stove Plug Type

Stove Plug 10-50P, Stove Plug 14-50P

Dryer Plug Type

Dryer Plug 14-30P, Dryer Plug 10-30P

Product Specifications

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Eliminator Elite Electric Heater
60 kW Flagro Electric Heater

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