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Kwikool KBIO1411 Commercial Portable Air Conditioner and Purifier 1.1 Ton


Kwikool Patent-Pending 115 volt 1.1 ton portable air conditioning unit with HEPA filtration and UV lighting for sensitive environments requiring purified air and comfort. Proudly made in the USA!


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Medical Grade Portable Air conditioning
KBIO1411 (nominal 1.1-ton or 13,800 BTU) is the newest KwiKool Portable Cooling System in The BioKool Series. With its full-featured design, that combines air purification with 13,800 BTUs of air conditioning. The BioKool Series exclusive 4 point “air therapy” process cools, cleans, disinfects, and retards mold & microbe growth. This means that the KBIO1411 model will clean 99.999% of all particulates greater than .03 microns in size and reduces microorganisms by irradiating the evaporator coil, airstream, and the internal surfaces of the evaporator chamber, all while controlling the temperature. The BioKool Series is quick and easy with its “plug and play” technology and has a patent-pending. From its hi-tech microprocessor controls and self-diagnostics to the long list of standard features (most of which are not even available in other brands of ordinary spot coolers), the BioKool Series is in a class by itself and will give you the clean cool space that you need.

Balanced Air Pressure for Maximum Efficiency
BioKool comes standard with Kwikool’s exclusive I/O Integral Condenser Dual Ducting that provides isolated and balanced air pressure within the space for maximum cooling efficiency. A single duct portable system creates a negative pressure in the conditioned space which draws in unprocessed air from outside the space. Balanced Air pressure is a must to create a clean environment and to prevent cross-contamination. The KBIO1411 runs on a standard 115-volt/20-amp circuit and is equipped with an automatic restart to continue cooling after a power failure. The unit comes with an internal high lift condensate pump and a 5-gallon exterior condensate tank with float activated unit cut off for short-term use.

Unmatched Innovation
Introducing BioKool™ the latest addition to the exclusive Kwikool product line. With more than thirty units developed over the course of two decades, Kwikool is leading the industry in portable cooling systems with more innovations in spot cooling than any other brand. Today, they have achieved what others have not been able to do; provide a uniquely crafted solution provides everything medical administrators, clean room facilities, and laboratories have been searching for in a spot cooling system.

Emergency Temperature Control
BioKool™ IS the only solution of its caliber for emergency temperature control. As of today, there is no second runner-up. BioKool™ simultaneously cleans and disinfect while it cools. BioKool’s exclusive four-point “air therapy” process cools, cleans, disinfects, and retards mold and microbe growth thanks to the exclusive processes and materials.

In addition, BioKool™ contains a high static blower which facilitates precision airflow through a hermetically sealed four-inch-thick HEPA filter controlling particulates down to .03 microns

Air Quality Systems You Can Trust
As an added layer of protection, Internal UVC lights have been fitted inside each air chamber irradiating the cold air supply as well as the evaporator coil and the internal surfaces of the evaporator chamber. With a UVC light in place, microorganisms and pathogens are on the run.

The inside of the Biokool’s evaporator chamber has Kwikool’s exclusive smooth,  non-porous, and UV resistant surface evaporator insulation. This smooth surface makes it more difficult for molds or other microbes from attaching to the insulation.  It also repels moisture which aids in preventing microbe growth.

This state of the art BioKool™ unit provides maximum protection from 99.9% of contaminants found in inside and outside air. Our patent-pending design and dual condenser ducting maintain balanced air pressure within the room, keeping it cool, as long as you need it.

BioKool’s exclusive 4 points “air therapy” process: cools | cleans | disinfects | retards mold & microbe growth

Additional information

Weight230 lbs
Dimensions43.25 × 16.33 × 37.75 in


BTU/hr @ 95F at 60% RH13,800 (1-Ton)
ULPA/HEPA Filter99.999% @ > .12 Microns
UVC Light Wave LengthUVC 17 Watts / Max 85 Watts
Compressor TypeHermetic Rotary
Operating Temperatures65-105F 50%RH
Non-CFC Refrigerant410A
Fan Type (Centrifugal)Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM)450 / Single Speed
Supply Air DataAdjustable Vent
Supply Air Chute Data (optional)2 – 5″ Dia. x 16″ Length
I/O Integral Condenser – In / OutBalanced Air Flow
Fan Type (Centrifugal)Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM)700
Condenser Duct Data (optional)2 – 12″ Dia. x 8′ Length
Condenser Duct Maximum Length25′
Power Supply (Volts)115V / Single Phase
Current Consumption (Amps)16.1
Power Consumption (kW)1.6
Maximum Circuit Breaker (Amps)30
Recommended Breaker Size20
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Amps)21.3
Min./Max. Voltage105-125
Power Cord Gauge/Length in Feet12 AWG / 6′
Plug ConfigurationNEMA 5-20
Width x Length x Height (Inches)16.325″ x 43.25″ x 37.75″
Weight (lbs)230
Shipping Weight (lbs)280
Ceiling Kit CK-12 Weight (lbs)38
Shipping Weight w/ Ceiling Kit318
Shipping Pallet Size32″ x 60″
Compressor OverloadInternal
Fan Motor OverloadAutomatic Internal
Evaporator Freeze-upHot Gas Bypass
High Pressure SwitchManual
Low Pressure SwitchAuto
Compressor Short CycleYes
Automatic RestartYes
Condensate Pump OverflowYes
Condensate Tank OverflowYes
Ceiling Kit Kwikool BioKool Series
SS 3000 Air Mover

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