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400,000 Btu Pro Series Propane Indirect-Fired Heater

400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater

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400,000 BTU Multi-Purpose Indirect-Fired Diesel Heater for commercial use in Bed Bug Remediation. Treats spaces up to 2400 sqft.

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400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater Product Features:

  • Simple-to-use
  • Services a Large Footprint
  • Precise Safety and Temperature Controls
  • Onboard 42 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Excellent in Cold Climates
  • Includes a Flue Stack & 50′ High Temperature Thermostat

VERY IMPORTANT: Cold weather, poorly insulated rooms, vaulted ceilings, and concrete walls/floors may impact the time required to achieve kill temperatures (120º-140ºF) as well as the capacity of the heater. Please take exact measurements of your space before ordering this product. If your treatment space is larger than 2400 sqft, even slightly, this heater may NOT ACHIEVE the above referenced recommended temperature range. Please seek a larger capacity heater from our list on the previous page.  

Boasting a 170 degree temperature rise, the 400,000 Btu Pro Series can overcome the coldest of conditions to deliver the maximum amount of heat, which is crucial for efficient heating of a structure. The heater is equipped with backward incline blowers, which allow for ducting up to 150 feet with extremely quiet delivery of air into the structure. The 400,000 Btu Pro Series comes with your choice of a single 16” diameter discharge or a dual 12” diameter discharge (please indicate which option in your order notes). The heater can be recirculated to boost performance in cold weather environments. It can be used to treat bed bug infested structures up to 2400 square feet with 8′ ceilings in a standard 8-10 hour day. The 400,000 Btu Pro Series is indirect-fired, meaning there is no exposed flame or fumes to be concerned about. You can be assured that fresh, clean air will be delivered into the structure without the fear and concern of flames shooting out of the front of the heater. To further ensure safety, all heaters come standard with a high-temperature on/off thermostat, which means you do not have to manually adjust the gas flow to control the temperature. The 400,000 Btu Pro Series control box has a supply voltage display to avoid faulty power sources. There are redundant safeties built-in to the heater, including high-temperature limit switch, airflow switch, and flame detection photocell. The body of the heater is made of heavy gauge steel, protecting the components of the heater, and surrounded by steel arms for securing the heater during transport, further safeguarding the heater from accidental damage. The heater has a 4 wheel design providing superior maneuverability. The 400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater is simple to operate and turned on by the flip of the switch.

PLEASE NOTE: Power requirements are (1) 15 amp circuit breaker/standard wall outlet. Heater requires diesel fuel. Please indicate in your order notes your choice of a single 16” diameter discharge or a dual 12” diameter discharge. We recommend the purchase of (1) 16″ High Temperature Duct or (2) 12″ High Temperature Ducts sold in 25′ sections. We also recommend the use of (12) High Temperature, High Velocity Air Movers to ensure optimal heat penetration throughout your space. Click here for the complete 2000 Sq. Ft. Indirect-Fired Diesel Bed Bug Package.

Whether you’re a pest control professional, or a homeowner, you can rest assured this heater will get the job done. Bed bug heat treatments eliminate all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including the eggs. If you have not had success with chemical treatments, or are looking for a faster way to achieve being bed bug free, this heater is the answer. In addition, our staff has completed thousands of treatments, and personally use this equipment in the field. Rest assured, you’re not just purchasing equipment, you’re getting the support of experienced professionals in the industry! Click to learn more about our Commercial Bed Bug Heaters.


Additional information

Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 29 × 52 in
Diameter Discharge

Dual 12", Single 16"

Product Specifications

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1 review for 400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater

  1. Angel Rivera

    I own two of these and I cant say enough how professional they look. They are super quiet which makes our job so discreet. Customers really appreciate that. I can’t tell you how much easier my jobs have become using this workhorse of a machine. I have never had a fault with mine and my current machines have seen over 400 heat treatments each. Great product for a great price.

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