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40 kW 3-Phase Electric Construction Heater


Portable 3-Phase 480 Volt Electric Construction Heater with 100 degree F rise over ambient. Thermostatically controlled for safe, clean heat. Ductable to 50 feet in length.


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Product features:

  • At full saturation, the heater can produce a maximum evaporation capacity of ~125 lbs. of water per hour
  • Clean dry heat
  • Built-in thermostat (32º – 100º F)
  • Cycles heater on/off automatically
  • Ductable to 50’
  • Overheat protection
  • Three power settings

The 40kW 3-Phase Electric Construction Heater is preferred choice in situations that are not suitable for gas-fired systems. This 480 volt system produces clean dry heat to maintain a comfortable environment for construction heat, temporary heat for office buildings, structural drying, and many other applications. It produces an impressive 100 degree F rise over ambient temperature.

The heater is a direct wire system, meaning you will need to have a licensed electrician supply a 50 amp rated breaker, and run wire directly from the a panel to the heater, or from a portable generator. If needed, Thermal Flow Technologies can assist with supplying camlock drops for quick connection to the heater.

For assistance with determining how much heat is needed for your application, please contact us at 833-401-3569, ext 4 to speak with our applications engineer.


Additional information

Weight130 lbs
Dimensions46 × 20 × 25 in


Input BTU/Kw


136,500 / 40

102,400 / 32

51,200 / 16

Electrical Rating480 Volts/ 30 / 50 amps
Temperature Rise100 degrees F
Fan1800 CFM
Dimensions46″L x 20″W x 25″H


Weight130 lbs.
Thermostat Built-in32 – 100 degrees F


DuctableUp to 50′


Generator RequirementMinimum 40,000 Watt, 480 volt three phase generator that can provide 50 amps of continuous power.
Electrical Cord10 gauge wire


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Single Room Electric Heater
DUAH Electric Heater Attachment

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