HVF210 Indirect-Fired Diesel Heater Bundle
85,000 BTU Propane Tent Heater Bundle

285,000 BTU HS Pro Indirect-Fired Diesel Heater Bundle


285,000 BTU multi-purpose indirect fired diesel heater bundle. Provides temporary heat to construction sites, interior spaces, and outdoor events. Safe, no exposed flame, no fumes;temperature controlled.


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The 285,000 BTU Indirect-Fired Diesel Heater Bundle Includes:
  • (1) 285,000 BTU Indirect-Fired Diesel Heater
  • (1) 16″ duct adapter
  • (1) 16″x25′ section of high temperature ducting
  • (1) 33′ analog thermostat (max temp. 95 degrees F)
  • (1) Chimney vent pipe
  • (1) High wind vent cap
HS PRO 285,000 BTU Indirect-Fired Diesel Heater Product features:
  • Optional 12″ x 25′ long high temperature duct
  • Optional 16″ single duct adapter
  • Optional 16″ x 25′ long high temperature duct
  • Fuel consumption rate is approximately 2 gallons per hour
  • 27 gallon tank capacity
  • Heavy duty frame lift bracket
  • Extremely well-balanced carting makes for easier transport compared to similar systems
  • Heat exchanger to keep exhaust gas and heated air separate
  • Powerful fans ensure high static pressure
  • Long life stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Electronic flame control
  • Water resistant flame control box
  • Automatic safety and control devices
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • UL Certified

PLEASE NOTE: Power requirements are (1) 20 amp circuit breaker/standard wall outlet. 

An indirect-fired forced air diesel heater is a common choice for climate control on construction sites, outdoor events, and other spaces requiring temporary heat. This all-in-one heater bundle includes each of the necessary components to quickly set up your heater and make your space comfortable for occupants. The heater can be installed for temporary use indoors or outdoors. If installed indoor, the flue must be vented to the outdoors by an HVAC professional. Building Heating: The heater is capable of increasing temperatures by 40 degrees in structures up to 4,450 sq. ft. with standard 8′ ceiling height; depending on factors such as building envelope, air handling units for air distribution, and other factors. Tent Heating: Since tents have lower insulation values, capacity is reduced. This heater is capable of heating up to 2,680 square feet tents with 10′ ceiling heights, raising the temperature 40 degrees above outside temps.

The 285,000 BTU forced air diesel heater will cycle itself off and on to maintain the desired temperature with the thermostat included in the bundle. Indirect-fired heat means all products of combustion are expelled out of a flue stack, while fresh clean air runs across the heated chamber, and is delivered to the space. Unlike direct-fired “barrel” type systems, there are no exposed flames or fumes. To learn more about indirect fired heaters, watch our video here.

Our professional team has made all things related to heat treatment and airflow our expertise, and we are proud to provide a wide variety of forced air diesel heaters. Regardless of what kind of portable heater you need, we offer top quality models with all of the accessories needed for optimal performance. We have found products that offer a good balance of both effectiveness, price and are reinforced for high volume use. In addition to heaters, we can help you find the right dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, and accessories for a variety of needs you may encounter. We have strategic partnerships with manufacturers across the country and can ensure fast delivery of the equipment when and where you need it. Click to see our full line of Climate Control products.

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HVF210 Indirect-Fired Diesel Heater Bundle
85,000 BTU Propane Tent Heater Bundle

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