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Top Rated bed bug heaters & Equipment

At Thermal Flow Tech, our bed bug thermal remediation equipment is top of the line and can tackle any bed bug infestation regardless of your building’s size. These heat-treating machines have been proven to be more effective in eliminating a bed bug infestation fast, so your business can get back up and running in no time. Other treatments may use harmful chemicals that, if applied incorrectly, can be hazardous to you and your tenants’ health. Our service packages for bed bug exterminator equipment are designed to your building’s specifications, so we can completely eradicate the infestation without delay. These treatments get into every nook and cranny of your building, so you know you’re getting a comprehensive resolution to a nasty bed bug problem.

When you’re in the market for bed bug heat treatment equipment for sale, you’ll find our prices are some of the most cost-effective. You’re getting state of the art gear to handle any job at the best price. If you need more information, give us a call today! Our seasoned experts are ready to answer any questions you may have. Trust Thermal Flow Tech to treat your bed bug infestation before it gets too severe.

Heat treatments for bed bugs have become a preferred method for eradicating these pests. The bed bug heat equipment from Thermal Flow Technologies in Lake St. Louis, MO is designed to get rid of bed bugs from hotels, apartments, and other facilities. When performed correctly, heat treatments have a very high rate of success, and can typically be completed throughout the course of a 6 to 10-hour day. This is far more desirable than the multiple chemical treatments and visits needed to kill bed bugs. Heat has the ability to penetrate all of these hard-to-reach areas and overcome the biological advantages that the bed bug possesses.

Our bed bug heat equipment is field-tested in thousands of treatments, and is sized to match your specific needs. Our wireless monitoring systems allow you to determine when your treatment is complete, and our air movers insure that your heat is distributed safely and effectively to all areas of your structure.
Please review our standard packages and equipment and determine which one fits your needs. If you don't find one that fits your facility, contact us today for a free consultation to develop a tailor-made solution for you.