Changes to the Cleaning Industry Post-COVID and How Your Business Can Meet Today’s Needs

So much has changed as a result of the pandemic! Many of us have a new understanding of what essential work really means. And all of us have a heightened awareness of cleanliness and disinfection – in fact, some of us are downright obsessive about it. 

What does that mean for the cleaning industry? 

First of all, it means more customers. The public’s eyes have been opened regarding the value of a disinfected home and workplace. That’s likely to stick. 

Second of all, we may see more innovations and product rollouts as companies search for the best tools to satisfy their customers. 

The Pandemic has Created a New Normal 

While cleaning has become top of mind in both the domestic and the commercial fields, there’s enormous growth potential in the latter. Now that COVID-19 has pushed us to develop a “new normal,” you can bet that aspects of this reality will become permanent. Our industry has to adapt to meet the moment. 

Companies in our business have always strived to both help others maintain a safe, clean environment and remain profitable. Post-pandemic, this mission “levels up;” as demand skyrockets, companies will be the ones to provide more cleaning solutions than ever before. 

New Cleaning Technologies and Tools are In Demand 

Now that businesses are going above and beyond when it comes to cleanliness, there’s a renewed demand for products and services that will aid them in this mission. While the COVID-19 virus is relatively easy to kill on surfaces, it can linger in the air; plus, high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces – whether door handles or dining tables – need to be cleaned frequently to make the public feel safe. 

Luckily, experts in animal and pest infestation are familiar with tools like foggers and heat machines. We use these pieces of equipment to get rid of six-legged creatures; there’s no reason some of it can’t also be used to get rid of more microscopic pests! And, as a matter of fact, some of our existing tools are proving to be extremely helpful for cleaning and disinfection. 

Experts say that heightened cleaning and disinfection standards may be here to stay. That’s fine by us. We have the tools business owners demand and the know-how to train others. Foggers and air purifiers like the ones we have in stock fit the bill for professionals who want to offer a new level of cleanliness to their clients. 

How Can Thermal Flow Assist You? 

We’re ready and able to offer products, training, and more to help keep our fellow Americans healthy and safe. If you would like additional information about our cleaning and disinfection products, the experts at Thermal Flow are just a phone call away. We’re happy to recommend tools and techniques, go over your options with you, and give you tips from the pros. 

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400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater w/ Bulk Tank

400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater w/ Bulk Tank

400,000 Btu Pro Series Diesel Indirect-Fired Heater w/ Bulk Tank

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