Bed Bug Heater Rental

If you’ve discovered a bed bug infestation, renting a bed bug heater rental is likely a viable option for you to eliminate bed bugs at a reasonable cost. There are many advantages to renting a bed bug heater system, and at the top of the list is cost savings. Renting a bed bug heater may be cheaper than hiring a professional exterminator, especially if you have multiple rooms or units to treat. You can also save money on travel or accommodation costs if the rental service is nearby or is delivered directly to your door, and you don’t have to pay for recurring visits or follow-up treatments.

Control and convenience is another advantage of renting a bed bug heater system: By renting your own bed bug heater, you have more control over the timing of the treatment, and you can treat multiple areas in the same day. You also don’t have to wait for an exterminator to schedule an appointment or deal with their busy schedules. In addition, the treatments generally can be performed without you leaving your residence.

Bed bug heater systems are non-toxic and eco-friendly! Bed bug heaters use elevated heat ranging between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bed bugs without using chemicals or pesticides. This can be a safer and more environmentally friendly option for people with allergies, pets, respiratory conditions, children, or overall concerns about being exposed to chemicals. Preparation for a heat treatment is far less labor intensive. Proper setup of the heaters and air movers will help drive heated air into cracks, crevices, and furnished goods; eliminating both adults and their eggs. For more information of temperatures needed to kill bed bugs, check out our article in R&R magazine here.

When renting a bed bug heater, make sure to carefully read the rental agreement and any instructions provided to ensure safe and effective use of our equipment. It’s also important to follow proper safety precautions, such as limiting time spent in the treatment space during the treatment to avoid potential heat exhaustion. A bed bug heater rental can be an opportunity to learn more about bed bugs, their behavior, and how to prevent future infestations. Additionally, you can use your experience to assist friends, family, or neighbors who may have similar issues. If your interested in a bed bug heater rental, we have listed some of our most popular packages that are a great fit for diy bed bug treatments.

Our most popular bed bug heater rentals include:

The 180sqft Electric Bed Bug Package, which is smaller in size and good for treating a single room. For smaller infestations and living spaces, this heater is the way to go. It’s also perfect for ambulances, tractor trailer cabs and other vehicles!

180 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Package, DIY Bed Bug Heater Rental Package


The 300sqft Electric Bed Bug Package, which is good for larger living spaces. It can cover up to 300 square feet of space, with 8’ ceilings.

DIY Bed Bug Heater Treatment Package, electric bed bug heater for sale

If you have experienced bed bug problems multiple times, it may be as beneficial to purchase your own bed bug heater and treat whenever you encounter the problem. If you prefer to purchase a bed bug treatment package, click here.