Bed Bug Heat Treatment Packages

When it comes to beating bed bugs, heat treatment has been on the rise among both professional exterminators and those taking a DIY approach to ridding their home or business of these nasty pests. There are a lot of reasons more people are utilizing the bed bug heat treatment approach, but the simplest explanation is that it works.

When dealing with bed bugs, the biggest concern on anyone’s mind is knowing that they are really gone after the treatment is complete. As notoriously persistent invaders, bed bugs can be tough to defeat. So the best thing about heat treatments is that, when done correctly, they will give you the peace of mind that you are truly done for good. At Thermal Flow Technologies, we provide the tools you need for an effective heat treatment, along with consultation from our expert staff. Choose from a number of bed bug packages below that are designed to be comprehensive, easy to use, and effective. After all, making sure you have all the right tools is the first step towards a successful bed bug heat treatment. We have more information to share at the bottom of this page and also click here to learn more about how bed bug heat treatments work.

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How Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works

Unlike some approaches, a heat treatment does not require dangerous chemicals, big tents, or follow-up visits. Heat treatment works by heating a structure to above 120℉, a point at which bed bugs can no longer survive. As a result, the bugs, larvae, eggs, and everything dies off for good. All it takes is making sure the entire affected area is heated to higher than 120℉.

Thermal Flow Technologies makes that easy to do with bed bug heat treatment packages that have everything you need to get heat treatment done right. Each heating package includes a heater, the necessary air moving equipment (fans) for the space to be treated, an infrared thermometer or digital sensors, and extension cords.

Ensuring Proper Heat Treatment with Bed Bug Heat Treatment Packages

While heat treatment is an effective and safe method for bed bug remediation, it must be done right. Ensuring that you have all of the equipment necessary is the first step in effective treatment. Our bed bug heat treatment packages help take the guesswork out and allow everyone from professionals to homeowners to get the equipment they need. Crucially, any package should contain a heater with thermostat controls, air movers to make sure you do not have any cold or hot spots, and monitoring devices like an infrared thermometer or digital sensors. This ensures that there is nowhere for the bugs to hide and that nothing gets overheated.

Whether you are trying to deal with a problem in your home or business or are a professional looking to expand into heat treatments, the bed bug heat treatment packages from Thermal Flow Technologies can help.

Why Heat Treatments Work Best

Not only is bed bug heat treatment more environmentally friendly, and less hassle than a chemical treatment, it only takes one day. Fumigation is sometimes thwarted by small spaces and covered areas where bugs can hide. Bed bug heat treatments on the other hand get every bug and bed bug egg — as long as appropriate monitoring and air flow are maintained. In short, heat treatments are:

  • Safer than chemical treatments for people and pets
  • Easier to administer for those using it on their own home or business
  • Trusted and effective, which is great for professionals who need the job done right

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Professional Memberships

400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package For Hotels

400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package For Hotels

400 Sq. Ft. Electric Bed Bug Heater Package For Hotels